Monotax: AFIP starts with the return of 35% to taxpayers for the purchase of savings dollar

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) will start with the return of 35% of earnings for the purchase of dollar savings to monotax holders on account of taxes on Income and on Personal Assets.

The body that directs Mercedes Marcó Del Pont will perform lto repayment during the next 10 days and progressively, which will reach a total of more than 150,000 monotributistas.

It is estimated that the accumulated amount of refunds will reach $ 1,900 million pesos, which are added to the $ 4.9 billion that were reintegrated in April to 366,000 workers in a dependency relationship.

In this way, the AFIP will have specified the return to 83.5% of the total universe of taxpayers who requested the reimbursement of the perceptions provided for in General Resolution 4815.

The refunds will be carried out through transfers to the bank accounts of taxpayers who are not registered in Profits or Personal Assets, after the “Carrying out checks and verifications aimed at detecting inconsistencies and dismantling irregular maneuvers”, reported the agency.

The taxpayers who receive the reimbursement are those monotributistas who made the request and passed the checks and verifications that the tax agency puts in place.

In this review, to proceed with the return of the requests made by the universe of taxpayers who are not registered in Profits or Personal Assets, Two groups were found that are not in a position to receive reimbursement.

On the one hand, those taxpayers who carry debts with the agency and / or did not present an affidavit, who must correct them first.

At the same time, the second universe corresponds to requests observed due to inconsistencies between the personal property tax affidavits and the information available in the AFIP databases, which must, in that case, be corrected.

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