Monclova priest proposes to ‘kill women who want to have an abortion’ at mass

A Lasallian priest during his homily this weekend, proposed killing women who want to have an abortion, which provoked the outrage of the parishioners.

At a press conference this Monday, the priest claimed that he was misinterpreted.

He argued that what he said was an example of analysis: “Why kill a child who does not defend himself and leave the mother alive who does defend himself?”

He explained that it was not, as perhaps it was interpreted, a message against the life of the baby’s mother.

Lazaro Hernández Soto, a priest who, in his sermon, confirmed that he said the above, stated that the intention was to raise awareness because the church’s position is for life.

He apologized for those who may have been offended by his message.

He argued that the sermon was taken out of its context, which was focused on speaking out against abortion and causing death and in favor of life.

“I was preaching on the rights of the family,” said the priest, adding “I ask for an apology, because I didn’t want to offend anyone. On the contrary, it was to relieve the dignity of life ”.

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