Moná Orozco explores reusable art

The plastic artist Moná Orozco will open today October 14 at 8:00 p.m. the exhibition of painting and object art in Pata de Elefante (Calle Vidrio, no. 2055), in the company of the artist Lila Dipp. We talked by phone with Moná, based in Barcelona, ​​who commented: “We are going to present Lila Dipp and I. She has 27 pieces, mine are 24. I exhibit painting and installation ”.

Regarding the exploration in the facilities that he carries out, Orozco added: “I worked them with materials reusable, like the patent leather that they sell in the markets, with fruits, lemons, all that kind of thing. I live in Barcelona and I collected all that material, that’s what they are trained in the facilities, with the idea of ​​caring for the planet ”.

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For the artist, investigating this way of making art “I found it fun to make these installations so as not to work with two-dimensional material. Being three-dimensional, they can be seen from different positions. It was what made me entertaining. The paintings are also made of recycled material ”.

The content of his artistic expressions is diverse: “The themes are varied, they are intertwined with what we have experienced lately.” Part of the things that Moná refers to are our present, with a positive point of view “In search of hope for so much change, with the need to move forward.” Another proposal is “to dare to fly in a different type of environment than what we are used to, to get out of our comfort zone”.

As an example he cited the piece “El superanticuerpo”, which “he is distributing magic powders in all beings. You can create your own antibodies so that things do not affect you. It is the defense so that things do not hurt us ”.

This way of facing art coincides with his way of seeing life: “Reinventing ourselves: I reinvent myself and do something with this reality in which I am living. I adapt to living with new things, new places, new people. It’s a little learning to detach ourselves, things change”. This conceptualization even coincides with the resource of recycling: “It is a restart again to learn new ways of living on the planet.”

Mixed technique. The artist explains that in her works she draws, cuts, paints or pastes the same to obtain the result she is looking for. Courtesy

Regarding the technique, Orozco added that the pieces and installations resort to the mixed: “I start to draw, then I cut, paint, then I paste, there are some that are raised, I reinstall them with recyclable wooden sticks, I make them three-dimensional, they can turn around. They are not static ”.

Lila Dipp takes advantage of natural elements

The artist with whom he will share the space, Lila Dipp, presents works in the object art format. Moná spoke of his colleague:

“He has been doing this type of art for 30 years. The newest thing you are using are natural elements: nests, sands, stones, all this that you take out of recycling in nature. Everything to do it as a resurgence of what is already in nature, take advantage of it. His work is very ironic, always with great sympathy and irony. Very funny, he takes out all the terms of social networks, he alludes to his characters. He always uses boxes for his works ”.

The pieces in Pata de Elefante will be on display until November 11.



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