Mollie Gould, Luis Miguel’s ex, red hot with an incredible photoshoot

Mollie Gould, ex pareja de Luis Miguel, He again showed all his beauty on social networks. The American showgirl is the owner of great popularity on virtual platforms. He currently has more than 77 thousand followers on Instagram.

For his part, the ex of Mollie Gould, is in the eye of the storm for the information that ensures that the 51-year-old Mexican singer used a shell company to register his luxurious yacht in the British Virgin Islands. The interpreter of “Under the table” is one of the megastars featured in the Pandora Papers, a leak led by the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ).

In the last hours, Mollie Gould He shared a photograph on his official Instagram account that dazzled a large part of his thousands of followers from around the world. In it you can see the North American displaying all her beauty before the camera flash for a professional photo production. The blonde wore a total black look, her hair loose and a delicate make up.

“DESIRE” was the simple and promotional text he chose Gould epigraph to accompany his recent snapshot in the popular network of the camera.

Fuente: Instagram Mollie Gould

As expected, this post that has as its main protagonist the ex-partner of Luis Miguel It quickly filled with likes, easily surpassing the 600-heart barrier in just a few hours. In addition, his publication received dozens of messages of affection and praise from his most loyal followers towards his incredible physical figure.

Fuente: Instagram Mollie Gould


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