Model threatens to sue Drake after finding out the worst way rapper put pepper in used condom

Rapper would have put pepper to keep the sperm.

An Instagram model is making some pretty crazy claims about the American superstar Drake, after trying to steal her sperm from a used condom. According to reports, the model claims that the rapper has a strange way of preventing women from stealing his sperm. Drake and the model reportedly met on Instagram, and the two decided to hook up — a few weeks ago. the model and Drake they had a romantic date, and what happened next was pretty crazy.

After the party, they went back to his hotel. They smoked some weed and he asked if she wanted to have sex. She said he was very committed to making sure things were consensual, so they started with a little foreplay and then the rapper went to the bathroom and came out with a condom.

After a few minutes of having sex, the rapper reportedly came and discarded the condom in the bathroom. right after Drake came out, the model went to the bathroom to look for the used condoms in the trash can – possibly to get herself pregnant. But Drake allegedly put pepper in the condom to kill the sperm.

She took the condom out of the trash, untied it and put the end of the opening into her vagina, and that’s when she found out what the rapper had done. She screamed, and Drake ran to the bathroom. He admitted that he spilled a packet of hot sauce on the condom to kill the sperm. Now the Instagram model is threatening to sue Drake.

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