MMA fighter accused of gender violence goes to trial

It was at the beginning of July when Juan Pablo Varela, boxer of Mixed Martial Arts MMA, was arrested and charged after being denounced for acts of gender violence to the detriment of your partner and your ex-partner.

Now, there are news about the situation of that case, since Room II of the Trial Court will judge Varela, accused of the crimes of aggravated injuries by the previous relationship, judicial disobedience and illegitimate deprivation of liberty aggravated by the victim being a person to whom he owes particular respect.

To these charges, also You will be tried for assault with an improper weapon and damages in royal contest to the detriment of your partner. Likewise, the fighter is accused of Judicial disobedience, minor aggravated injuries due to the previous relationship and due to gender violence and non-compliance with the duties of family assistance to the detriment of her ex-partner.

It should be remembered that whoever was the partner of the MMA boxer reported him for events that occurred between March and June of this year, at the address they both shared. The young woman said that she lived with the accused for a year but, after six months, the acts of physical and verbal violence began, being the aggressions more and more recurrent.

Although there was a first complaint against Varela, he again attacked her, later he left her locked inside the home taking the keys. That day when he returned to the property, He would have thrown a fork at her and hit her in the stomach, while she was pregnant.

The trial against Varela will also be due to complaints made by his ex-partner, who said that on one occasion when he was returning home, the fighter appeared to look for his son, they argued over the payment of the food quota, a situation where he began to insult her and attacked her.

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