Miracle in Salta: Pilgrims from Brealito arrived at the Cathedral and the excitement grows

Among so many stories of the pilgrims who come to our city is that of Jorge Baez, a young man from Brealito who was the one who started this pilgrimage and people joined him.

“I left Brealito alone, on Saturday at 5 in the morning. They saw that I was walking, they were joining the road. The fact that they want to accompany me on the road I cannot against their will. I couldn’t have a family and now I have it, the fact of not having a roof is enough to be grateful “he thanked.

Juliet another of the pilgrims, very excited said “We accompany him but we are from Rosario and since last night. In the early morning it got cold. She is our mother, very grateful for everything you give us. for everything we have. We come to ask and give thanks. “

Walter, another pilgrim, was moved by having reached the Cathedral despite the restrictions.

“At the beginning there were 15 of us but later people gathered in El Carril, Aguas Negras, Cuesta del Obispo and we arrived in Salta. Salta’s Faith will not be lost “he concluded by FM Professional.


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