Miracle in Salta: pilgrims continue to arrive at the Cathedral

The stories of pilgrims are many, each one has its why. This year will undoubtedly be marked by the pandemia and based on this the thanks and requests for health. One of the groups that are most often moved are patients with disabilities of the Recrear Salud Foundation. Get informed spoke with Diego, kinesiologo of the institution.

“We came about 10 people to renew the Faith. Our pilgrimage is quite symbolic because our Foundation is in Salta capital, We do not walk more than 10 blocks, but for many it is a huge effort and the truth is we do it very happy, being present is a very good thing, as well as include“.

Other stories is that of the 16 cyclists from Molinos that 11 years ago they pilgrimage aboard their bicycles to the Cathedral. They decided to write a poem to honor the Patron Saints.

“Last year we were sick from COVID. As we did the Novena we wanted to pass that milder suffering along with prayer and to power today come by bicycle from Molinos to do step by step and to be able to reach the feet of the Virgin is the greatest, the most exciting thing there is, I do it for the health of all the people. So that the Pandemic will soon leave us “said José one of the pilgrims extremely moved by having arrived.

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