MIPCOM | Without appointment and Plan B selected in Cannes

The international career of Plan B and Without an appointment received a solid boost in Cannes. The two Quebec series are among the world fictions to watch, according to a list issued by MIPCOM, this large international market for television programs.

The announcement was made Tuesday at the Palais des Festivals by Virginia Mouseler, president of the research office The Wit, which makes the selection.

This year, the list is mainly composed of series articulated around female characters of character. It includes 12 titles, including Vigil, a British BBC thriller film written by Tom Edge, the man behind The Crown.

Starring Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, the third season of Plan B (titled Plan B: Mylène outside the borders of Quebec) has also carved out a place there. Virginia Mouseler described it as a “French-Canadian series that tells the story of a policewoman who decides to go back in time to correct a mistake she made”.

In Quebec, the new episodes of the science fiction drama by authors Jean-François Asselin and Jacques Drolet will be broadcast on ICI Télé starting Wednesday, October 27.

Reached by phone, Louis-Philippe Drolet, who produces Plan B at KOTV, greeted the news with enthusiasm.

Louis-Phlippe Drolet knows the spinoffs that a selection at Fresh TV can generate. In the spring, after being nominated for MIPTV’s Fresh TV Formats, the show Question of judgment with Pierre Hébert, another KOTV production, collected 12 options in 12 different territories.

“It not only gives visibility to the project, but to all our projects,” says Louis-Philippe Drolet. I would even go so far as to say that all of Quebec’s offer is benefiting from it. When a series from here like The fault Where Runaway is sold elsewhere, it creates influence. It encourages foreign distributors, producers and broadcasters to take a look at the rest of Quebec’s productions. “

Plan B has already been the subject of two foreign adaptations: French and Flemish Belgian. a remake German is also under construction.

Different voices

The Fresh TV Fictions selection also includes Without an appointment. Offered on the Tou.TV Extra since last month, Marie-Andrée Labbé’s most recent offering (Too much), freely adapted from an Australian web series titled Sexy Herpes, paints the portrait of a nurse-sexologist (Magalie Lépine-Blondeau) who works in a sexual health clinic in Montreal.

According to Kathleen Préfontaine, Director of Distribution and Development at Aetios, the production company behind the series, his comedy status favored his appointment.

“The detective genre is everywhere now. In this time of pandemic, people are looking for good comedies. “

The inclusion and openness observed in Without an appointment, especially in relation to LGBTQ + characters, would also have played an important role.

“Diversity on screen is in demand,” emphasizes Kathleen Préfontaine. People want to hear different voices. “

The list of Quebec series that won a mention on the Wit charts is not particularly long. The cradle of angels achieved the feat in 2014, Victor Lessard in 2017 et Runaway in 2018.

No price

Other news from MIPCOM, neither Six degrees ni The side effect did ultimately win an award at the Diversity TV Excellence Awards, which celebrate diversity in television.

Finalist in a category entitled Disability – Scripted (Handicap en fiction), comedy Six degrees of the author Simon Boulerice had his hair done by Welcome to adulthood, a French TV movie.

On the side of productions for adolescents, the series The side effect bowed before FYI’s Kidversation, a British weekly newsletter.

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