Minsal reported 766 new cases and 4 deaths in this Wednesday’s report of covid-19 in Chile

This Wednesday the Ministry of Health (Minsal) delivered a new report with figures of the covid-19 pandemic during the last hours.

On this occasion, the Minsal reported on 766 newly infected with coronavirus, which gives a national total of 1,664,725 since the pandemic began, of which 1,618,500 have been recovered.

In the same way, the agency detailed that 577 of these cases have presented symptoms, while 117 are asymptomatic and 72 have not yet been notified.

The Ministry of Health reported 4 deaths associated with the coronavirus during the last 24 hours, which gives a total of 37,578 deaths since the pandemic began in March 2020.

The report also reported that there are 5,339 active cases of covid-19 in Chile at the moment.

Currently there are 369 patients hospitalized for the disease, of the 267 are connected to mechanical respiration. The Minsal also detailed that there are 331 critical beds available.

Regarding the PCR tests, 24,639 have been taken during the last 24 hours, giving a total of 24,548,696 tests. These threw a 2.45% positivity in Chile and 2% in the Metropolitan region.

In relation to the antigen tests, 4,281 were taken out of a total of 944,488 tests.

“Of the 766 new cases, 21% are diagnosed by antigen test, 16% originate by Active Case Search (BAC) and 17% of those notified are asymptomatic. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Region presents 28% by antigen, 10% by BAC and 14% of the reported cases are asymptomatic “, details the Minsal in his web page.

There are currently 6,819 places available in 83 healthcare residences throughout the country, which represents 44% occupancy.

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