The 18 students who were inoculated by mistake with the tetanus vaccine in Liquiñe are still waiting for tests to rule out possible future effects. The responsible attorneys demand that the mayor attend a private clinic because now they distrust the public health officials of the commune.

There is still no date for examinations of the 18 students from the Panguipulli commune who were vaccinated against tetanus by mistake, when in fact they had to be inoculated by the second dose against the human papilloma virus.

They are fifth-year students belonging to the Private School No. 69 in the town of Liquiñe who were inoculated with the dose of a vaccine that did not correspond to them, which generated concern and also annoyance among parents, since the error they found out 3 days after vaccination.

Those responsible for the mistake were employees of the Cecosf de Liquiñe dependent on the Municipal Corporation, therefore, the attorneys demanded from the mayor of Panguipulli that their children undergo examinations to rule out any future consequences.

They also asked that it be in a private clinic because now they distrust the public health officials who serve in the commune.

The Radio asked Mayor Pedro Burgos if they will agree to the attorney-in-fact demand and he replied that they are working to fulfill the commitment.

The authority believes that this week they could be clear about the day and place of the care.

According to the mayor, The most complex thing has been to find a pediatrician who is available to attend to the 18 minors in the same day.

After the error, the Municipal Corporation initiated a summary to determine responsibilities and immediately the director of the campus issued a medical license, for which a new coordinator was assigned to the Liquiñe healthcare facility.