Minister Palacios for Constitutional Indictment against President Piñera: “It is a white coup, they want to give each other a treat”

“It is a matter of looking at history to know how coups d’état are judged afterwards and how they led to it, whether they are white or violent”, said Wednesday morning the Minister of Economy, Lucas Palacios, in DNA Today when consulted on the Constitutional Accusation presented in Congress by opposition parliamentarians against President Sebastián Piñera after his appearance in the so-called Pandora Papers.

“The parliamentarians who accuse are not taking care of democracy or its processes, they are taking care of their positions. They are taking care of their position. They want to bury political competition as a secretariat. To take care of democracy, these parliamentarians are not giving the width and they know it. It is a matter of looking at history to know how the coups d’état are judged afterwards and how they led to it, be they white or violent ”, Minister Palacios pointed out about the Constitutional Accusation, raising the possibility of an investigative commission before the accusation, or even waiting for the resolution of the Prosecutor’s Office.

All this after the Public Ministry confirmed that it will investigate the business carried out by the Piñera Morel family in the British Virgin Islands, where it sold part of the Minera Domingo to the President’s best friend, Carlos Alberto Délano, with the condition that the La Higuera sector, where the project is located, was not declared an environmental protection zone.

Given the permanent contact of the Minister of Economy with foreign investors, he said, the scenario of the constitutional indictment genera “An institutional damage and to the credibility of the country is enormous, and with evident impacts on job creation.”

“They want to remove it as a secretariat, without an investigation, and do you know why? Because there is a sector of the opposition that has a bad feeling for the President ”, Palacios pointed out. And he added later: “What they want is for the President not to end his government.”

“What seems wrong to me is that this is politicized and leads to a constitutional accusation, of a fact that has nothing to do with a management that constitutionally corresponds to Congress to resolve. What does one thing have to do with the other? “Asked the Secretary of State.. “It is a political taste that aims to remove the President, otherwise they would not be doing it, in an electoral period, without a minimum investigation. It is tremendously irresponsible “, he pointed.

The economy before the fourth withdrawal of funds from the AFPs

Meanwhile, when asked about the current economy before the project for the fourth withdrawal of funds from the AFPs that is also being processed in Congress, Minister Palacios indicated that “We have always said that this fourth withdrawal escapes any logic that is not electoral: it has been said that it benefits the richest people, it over-injects liquidity into an economy that already has sufficient liquidity, that is overheated, and we see that in the CPI; inflation is paid by the poorest people ”.

To this he added that: “I have said that I think it is an immoral act on the part of parliamentarians to approve a fourth withdrawal, especially now that we see clear signs of recovery.”

“Everything has its cost, everything has its side b. We can all fill our mouths with good news and promise a lot of good-sounding things, that’s so easy. But what is truly noble, what is truly courageous, is to legislate assuming personal costs for the good of the country. I hope that the nobles are the majority ”, the secretary of state judged.

Considering the money that would be circulating in the country, at the discretion of Minister Palacios, “this injection of liquidity is not irrelevant, We cannot continue injecting more liquidity because we do not have enough productivity to absorb it ”.

“A fourth retirement would be bad for the country, bad for the poorest, bad for institutions and bad for investment”, summarized Palacios.

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