Milei, after the STEP: "We managed to put liberalism in the ring"

The first candidate for national deputy of Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei, said today that his space managed to “put liberalism in the ring” in the framework of the open, simultaneous and mandatory primaries (PASO) and considered that, “if the unity “of the right-wing movements, the ruling party” will be in third place “in the legislative elections of November 14.

“It is a very important number that we obtained yesterday. We were calm for having done a good job. I think we managed to put liberalism in the center of the ring. It was the axis of the discussion,” Milei said in radio statements.

Libertad Avanza achieved, with 98.65% of the polling stations scrutinized in the city of Buenos Aires, 13.66 percent of the votes, a performance that placed it in third place behind the Juntos por el Cambio alliance, which obtained the 48.19% of the votes – adding the three lists that went to the internal one -; and the Frente de Todos (FDT), which reached 24.66% of the vote.

Milei attributed this flow of votes to the fact that “people realized that the only ones who progress with this model are politicians” and considered that “all the conditions were in place for a force with a liberal imprint to appear.”

“There is something very good in this: liberalism added 25 percent of the votes. If we manage to align ourselves, in November we will remove Kirchnerism because they will be after third place,” the economist analyzed.

Asked if he was referring to the votes obtained by the list headed by the former radical minister, Ricardo López Murpy, Together for Change, Milei replied: “Yes, exactly.”

In addition, in the statements he made this morning, Milei said that the national government “made a lot of mistakes and, instead of correcting, it redoubled the bet”, and that is why it evaluated “as natural” the adverse result that the Frente de Todos harvested in the PASO. (Télam)

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