Miguel Tessandori: “People want a change and we are going to try to give it to them”

The sports journalist and the only candidate for the Best list, Miguel Ángel Tessandori, celebrated the results of the Paso in which he garnered more than 23 thousand votes with about 70 percent of the polls scrutinized and became the fifth most voted. With that result, he will seek a seat on the Council in the November elections.

“We are in the generals and we can fight to see if we can be in the Council. There are many different things that can be done. You have to work hard and have confidence in what you believe and can do, “said the candidate in dialogue with LT8.

Facing the Council and from her experience as a sports journalist, Tessandori spoke of the importance of rebounding neighborhood clubs and recovering the city’s sports identity. “The family in the club and the physical, spiritual and mental development of the boys helped to prevent them from being lazy and on drugs. Today that is out of hand. I am tired of hearing that Rosario is a drug city, of violence and shooting. We have been the capital of Argentine football and we can be so again because that potentially brings many things. It is my role to fight for Rosario to recover the sporting identity that has given us so many achievements ”, he said, and called for the support of the population and to generate alliances with other councilors.

“I want to trust that Rosario will once again be the identity that I lived in its time, a thriving city with great economic activity because we are empowered to be. We cannot alone. People have to accompany. We have some ideas but we need to make an alliance and find a correlation with other councilors ”, he added.

For Tessandori, “the main thing is to show empathy with people.” “Since the pandemic, people are in very bad shape, they need to be understood and spoken to. The politician remained in power and did not remember the people. It is no coincidence that those of us who come from outside politics have found greater votes. People want a change and we are going to try to give it to them together ”, he concluded.

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