Michelle Soifer exceeds one million views in her video clip “Tempo” | Shows

Former reality girl Michelle Soifer has been away from competition shows for several months and dedicated to working hard to boost her musical career, as in her early days. The response of his followers is being favorable and, therefore, his latest single has just passed the first million views on the YouTube platform.

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A little over a week ago, the official video clip for his single “Tempo” was released and it already has the full support not only of the numbers, but also of important artists such as Denisse Dibós, who affirmed the professionalism of the quality of the work that have done for the creation of the song.

In addition, the actress also participated in the video as a ballet teacher, while the singer starred in the images as a professional dancer. The musical rhythm of the song “Tempo” is kizomba and it is the third production of his album Nena, which he will present in full at the end of this year, in December.


Model Michelle Soifer spoke about the song: “It’s great that the public follows you and listens to your music. It has really been a very artistic work and I feel so proud of the recognition that the public gives me ”.

Magaly Medina criticizes Michelle Soifer

Magaly Medina did not remain silent and assured that every time she wanted a screen to publicize her career, she offered her hand. In this way, he criticized him that “he has been in the shows for fifteen years and he did not learn anything.”

The images of the Magaly TV program, the firm also captured the singer Michelle Soifer giving a small show in the streets of Callao.

Michelle Soifer responds to Magaly Medina

After the host of Magaly TV, the firm showed that the singer Michelle Soifer was giving a small concert in Callao interpreting the song that made her most popular a few years ago, “Bombón asesino”, the artist came out to defend herself with everything.

In that sense, the former reality girl explained that “That person only destroys. I am a person with 15 years in the television space (…) and it seems wrong to me that they want to spoil my image ”. He also confirmed that a long time ago he moved away from scandals to focus on his musical career.

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