Michelle Salas shares her favorite Carolina Herrera perfume

The daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas Shares her favorite perfume from the famous luxury brand Carolina Herrera, Michelle Salas confesses that it is one of the sexiest and most feminine fragrances.

Michelle Salas makes known on her social networks through a series of photographs that her perfume that he has used the most is the Very Good Girl from the fashion designer originally from Caracas, Venezuela.

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With the iconic bottle in the shape of red sneaker, the Mexican model poses as a whole elegant woman in one of her Instagram posts as well as in her stories, to reveal that her favorite scent is definitely her favorite.

“Good girls sometimes do bad things. Are you a good girl?”, This is how Silvia Pinal’s great-granddaughter writes it in English.

As if that were not enough, Michelle Salas, who has turned 32 years old in 2021, details that Carolina Herrera’s perfume makes her feel like a whole plump woman, with red lipstick hints at the iconic color of the company founded in 1980.

The granddaughter of Sylvia Pasquel boasts an elegant outfit, so it shows at least with its accessories, a bulging velvet headband in black, as well as earrings with glitter and silver, the red nails They are also another special touch dedicated to Carolina Herrera.

Michelle Salas shares her favorite Carolina Herrera perfume. Photo: Special

The Very Good Girl edition by Carolina Herrera, is the sneaker in red, its launch occurred in 2021 and has fragrances of vétiver, currant and roses, pure red ingredients that make the perfume with a touch that hopes to reflect the independent, feminine, empowered and powerful woman.

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This perfume changes its original ingredients of jasmine, tonka beans and cocoa to surprise with with more fruity, sweet and cheerful tones, as are the lychees and the captivating scent of vanilla.

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The bottle in the shape of a stiletto-heeled sneaker is available in 30, 50 and 80 milliliter presentations, the perfumer Louise Turner, once again participates in the elaboration of a Good Girl, who wanted to show a deeper and more elegant eau de parfum.

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