Michelle Salas dazzles in a red swimsuit from the Mediterranean

Luis Miguel’s daughter is happy with life wearing her charms and her defined figure on the beaches of Mediterranean, since he drove all his followers crazy with this tremendous publication, to which many comments rained praising and coaxing her.

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The beautiful model and dazzling daughter of singer Luis Miguel once again paralyzes social networks. This after posing for a Photography at sea, in addition to bragging that he is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Portofino, Italy.

It is not yet known if she is alone or accompanied, although in several of her stories of instagram She shares how she spends her days away from the everyday, whether it be eating delicious or in a good spa, there is no doubt that she is enjoying the beaches of Portofino, Italy a lot.

In addition to the constant posts she makes on her Instagram account, there has been no news from her since she was furious in June of this year, complaining about the invasion of her privacy, which was the product of the success of the series of Luis Miguel.

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Since Michelle Salas was totally dissatisfied with how they interpreted her role in the series, in addition to the fact that no one asked for her authorization to do public personal things and more in a wrong way. So much was the problem that her mother came to her defense.

Since he considers that they invaded his private life without the authorization of his daughter, since they portrayed and stained the image of Michelle Salas in that draft, divulging something that she is not. Without a doubt, the relationship with Luis Miguel has never painted very well.

So far she has not been seen active in any project, but we hope to hear from her soon. For now it leaves us with a good taste in the mouth, since it always looks perfect and beautiful, for now we know that she is enjoying her vacation in Italy.

How rich to be able to be enjoying the sea, the sun and the sand like her, just like she does with that red swimsuit. In his stories, he can also be seen wearing a full black swimsuit, which looks divine same as the red in the photos.

Michelle Salas is one of the most beautiful Mexican women in the world of show, which has always preferred to keep her personal life out of cameras and scandals, most of which have been the product of the complicated relationship with Luis Miguel.

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