Michelle Salas and her four recommendations to start caring for facial skin

The daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas shares his three recommendations to start take care of facial skin, if you do not know how to make yourself look phenomenal then take note of the advice of Michelle Salas.

If you consider yourself a complete beginner or inexperienced in the skincare then there are four simple steps revealed by Michelle Salas, which you must follow to start seeing immediate results, a much more clean, bright but healthy.

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Through her account on social networks as a beauty blogger, the great-granddaughter of Silvia Pinal explains the healthy habits that delay premature aging, the first of which is cleaning, which helps remove any trace of makeup.

Another of the benefits of cleaning your face in the morning and at night with a specific soap for the face, is that it can remove dirt and contamination that accumulates all day or all night, this is how Michelle Salas makes it known, who in 2021 has completed 32 years of age.

To take care of facial skin it is important to make a exfoliation every week, with gentle movements, spread the entire product and let it act, it is important to consider that the exfoliation is not done more than four times a month, so as not to damage the skin.

According to granddaughter of Sylvia Pasquel, the exfoliant removes dead cells and leaves a much smoother, radiant and even skin instantly, so this product should not be missing from your skin care kit.

Michelle Salas and her four recommendations to start caring for facial skin. Photo: Special

Michelle Salas says that it is very important that you look for a moisturizer that goes according to the needs of your skin type, the moisturizer should never be missing in your skin care routine.

having a hydrated face, the skin can recover its elasticity so expression lines that could become wrinkles are reduced, the skin looks smooth and healthy so don’t forget to put on your cream daily, even at night.

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Even if you don’t leave home, Michelle Salas shares that it is very important to place sunscreen, the light radiated by screens, cell phones or tablets can also burn the skin or cause spots to appear.

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The sunscreen should be used daily To avoid premature aging and flaccidity, according to Michelle Salas, it should become a basic and it is not a step that you should skip, in order to show off the most beautiful but above all healthy skin.

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