Miami nurse pleads guilty to death threat to Vice President Kamala Harris

Nurse Niaviane Petit Phelps pleaded guilty to threatening to kill the vice president of the USA Kamala Harris.

Phelps, 39, of County Miami-Dade, admitted his guilt in the federal district court of the southern district of Florida, where he now has a formal indictment for his death threats against Vice President Harris, according to release of the court itself.

At the hearing, the nurse admitted that last February she sent her husband in prison several 30-second videos in which she threatened to kill the vice president.

In the images, Phelps appears threatening and saying that he had accepted $ 53,000 to carry out the “coup” against Vice President Harris, in addition to openly explaining that he would carry out that assassination in 50 days.

Several of the videos were made by herself, although some were made by her children.

The nurse also sent her husband a photograph of her pointing a firearm at a target blade at a shooting range.

They could also prove that she had applied for a permit to carry weapons, in addition to admitting to the law enforcement officers that if they had not gone to her house, she “does not know” what she would have done.

Phelps’ sentence is scheduled for November 19, 2021, at two in the afternoon, according to the aforementioned statement, and will be before the United States District Judge José E. Martínez, who could request up to a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

Heroeia Prett, the nurse’s mother, said in defense of her daughter to the Telemundo network that she suffers from severe depression due to the situation of her husband, in prison for 10 years, and also for having lost her home.

“She is innocent, she didn’t know what she was saying. Please don’t punish her, she was just listening to what other people were saying to her,” he said on that occasion.

For these death threats against the vice president of the United States, Phelp was also suspended without the right to pay from the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, where she worked for two decades, while her official dismissal from the center was processed.

Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital, where Phelps worked for two decades, released a statement announcing that she had been suspended without pay while her official dismissal from the facility was being processed.

After being confined in a federal jail, she assured the agents that when she made those videos, she was upset by the election of Kamala Harris to the vice presidency of the country, but that she was no longer.

However, by pleading guilty he is now very close to serving five years in prison for his threats.

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