Mhoni Vidente: one of his most chilling predictions for Mexico comes true

One of the most chilling predictions that Mhoni Vidente made for this September is fulfilled. And it is that the Cuban seer at the beginning of the ninth month of the year pointed out that this was the month of the volcanoes and pointed out that the population should be very careful because she saw the explosion of several colossi.

“This is the month of volcanoes in the whole world, again several volcanoes are going to erupt and they are going to be dominating in every way; in Japan making new islands; Italy, with one of the oldest volcanoes; Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico ”, he said.

This activation of the Earth will cause more alterations to arrive: “this gives me the signal and the vision that a mega earthquake is completely approaching, an earthquake of dimensions never before recorded.”

The letters from El Mundo together with the letter from El Sol are warning Mhoni that: “a mega earthquake is seen in various regions of the world, which is going to leave the regions of Indonesia, Asia, the Indian Ocean, almost 10 degrees gentlemen, 9.5 or 10 degrees of intensity ”.

Taking such predictions in the background, it must be said that Civil Protection issued an alert today for the population not to go near the Popocatepetl volcano. It was also noted that they remain

Although there are already several explosions that the Popocatepetl volcano presents from yesterday to today, the authorities maintain the alert in phase 2 yellow traffic light.

The strongest explosion reported so far was at 11:50 p.m. on Tuesday night.

“At 11:50 p.m., an explosion was detected that generated a column of steam, gases and low ash content 1,500 meters high that dispersed to the northwest,” Civil Protection reported.

According to Twitter users, the Popo explosions have been seen from Mexico City:

For this reason, there are several people who follow Mhoni Seer who point out that the seer once again fulfilled her prediction, although we leave it up to them to believe or not believe this.

To consider:

Popocatepetl is an active volcano. Its name in Nahuatl means “smoking hill”.

Civil Protection reported that the volcano, also called “Don Goyo”, throws incandescent rocks that impact the slopes and move at high speed and that some can be the size of a car.

Therefore, they reiterate the call to respect the restriction area of ​​12 kilometers.

So far, Municipal PC of Puebla reports that Popocatepetl has presented 30 exhalations, 379 minutes of tremor and 3 explosions.

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