Mhoni Seer: Weekend Horoscopes; love will come

Mhoni Seer: Weekend Horoscopes; love will come | PHOTO: UNSPLASH

The astrologer Mhoni Vidente, through the weekend horoscopes, lets you know that, whether you look for it or not, love will come into your life, so you must be patient and make sure you live in the moment to receive it with open arms. Find out what the stars have for you in love, health and work, below.


According to the weekend horoscopes, you will be analyzing the necessary changes to be better in your personal life, remember that you are in the best stage to make decisions and grow more, just do not be afraid of the future. Weekend to visit your relatives. Be careful with neck and back problems, those are pains that stress brings, so try to be calmer, warns the astrologer Mhoni Vidente.

You make payment procedures for things that you have pending. Saturday to do a late job, try not to leave things for later. You get extra money for lottery reasons with the numbers 12 and 30. Your lucky day is Sunday. A love of the sign of Sagittarius or Aquarius will be looking for you to go out, Aries.


Weekend of very good energy around you to carry out all your work tasks and be better in economic matters. Remember that your sign dominates everything that is related to your own business issues. Follow the exercise or diet, you are already looking your best. With your partner you are still very stable and formal.

You go to the dentist on Saturday for a routine check-up. Beware of a love from the past who will talk about you out of spite, try to always be at peace in your romantic relationships and jobs, Taurus. Your lucky numbers are 21 and 89.

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Mhoni Vidente’s Horoscopes tell you that you are going to receive good news and invite you to work on a new project that will make you feel great. In love you are going to have problems with your partner because of jealousy or betrayal, remember that your sign is two at the same time and your feelings are always constantly changing.

Your mom is looking for you to ask you for financial help and moral support. An invitation arrives on Saturday to go out with a new partner of the earth sign. You will have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 00 and 52, Gemini.

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Weekend of being with very good company and speaking of being very much in love, remember that your sign is very sentimental and always needs to be with a partner, Cancer. You get extra money with the numbers 19 and 23.

It’s going to be a very lucky day for your sign in everything, so try to wear light-colored clothes so that your positive energy is stronger. Saturday to go to a course to learn to master all your mystical force. Take care of stomach or intestinal pain. A very compatible love will come to the singles of the sign of Cancer.


According to the weekend horoscopes They will be days of total transformation of your life, remember that your sign is very intense in everything it does and that is why in this month you are carrying out the renewal of your energies to be better. They will be days of work meetings with the directors. They talk to you to make some pending payments, assures the fortune teller Mhoni Vidente.

You buy a plane ticket to visit your family. Do a little remodeling in your house. Be careful with love and try to detach yourself from people who are toxic to you. Continue with your language courses on Saturdays. Sunday to be with a lot of divine communication, Leo.


Weekend of analyzing a necessary change in your work to earn more and grow economically. You receive a request from the government and the Treasury. You carry out a migration procedure. Remember that your sign dominates communication and graphic design a lot, try to take a course on weekends to grow more professionally.

In love you will be very stable with your current partner and Virgos who are single will have a fleeting and passionate love. Remember that you should not stay on the road and continue with your life project. Your lucky numbers are 21 and 33.


You will remove from your life everything you do not need and you will achieve your personal renewal. You are in your best year and more because you will find true love; if you already have it, you are going to formalize your relationship, so it is time for you to renew everything around you. Your parents are looking for you to help them with an illness.

You will have a revelation from your guardian angel, so try to light a white candle to improve your communication. You receive extra money thanks to a prize in the lottery with the numbers 03 and 17. It will be a busy weekend and you will get pending tasks from last year, Libra.


The weekend horoscopes They indicate that you will make improvements in your house during this weekend, because your sign is dominated by cleanliness and order, and that causes you to have more abundance in your life, but it also gives you a lot of satisfaction, says the Cuban expert, Mhoni Vidente.

During these days you will attend meetings with your bosses, but try not to argue and not have any problems with your co-workers; Instead, focus on performing well. If you are single, these days a passionate love of the earth sign will come to you. You fix your car and change a tire. You will have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 03 and 21, Scorpio.


It will be lucky for your sign, you will receive an economic surprise and good news will come to you that will make you feel great. They invite you to go on a trip, accept because it will be the best for you. Try not to walk with two loves at the same time, because you will look bad with one, so try to control your sexual temperament; remember that the best is honesty.

You are invited to several parties this weekend. You buy clothes to renew your look. You change your cell phone. Be careful with family gossip, avoid talking about your intimacies. Your lucky numbers are 02 and 71, Sagittarius.


According to the weekend horoscopes, you will receive very good news about a new work project this weekend with which you will be able to grow professionally. These days will be good luck for your sign, so I recommend that you light a white candle so that your positive energies grow intensely during this year. Mhoni Vidente.

You receive extra money by lottery with numbers 03 and 22. Take care of back and bone pain, remember that weather changes affect your health. You buy clothes for your birthday party, since you always like to wear new clothes on that special day for you; you will receive many gifts and congratulations., Capricorn


You will feel in good spirits and you will want to grow professionally. This year will be very good for you economically, take advantage of the opportunities that arise, Aquarius. On the weekend you will attend many parties or last minute meetings. Take care of intestinal or stomach pains, try not to drink too much or smoke.

A love from the past is looking for you to return, but you are in a stage of dating without establishing something formal. Try to show yourself that you can with new work projects. You already plan what you are going to do on your next birthday, your sign always wants to celebrate. Your lucky numbers are 16 and 23.


You will change your job or home, keep in mind that this year will be a total metamorphosis for you, because your time has come to make positive changes in your life, so try to have a good attitude. You remember someone from the past a lot, but it is better that you close that love circle and give yourself the task of meeting people who are more compatible with you, Pisces.

Do not smoke or drink so much anymore, it is better that you get rid of your depressions by exercising. You will have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 03 and 44. You consult your doctor or think about having surgery. You give away a pet. Be careful when driving, pay close attention.

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