Mhoni Seer: Today’s Horoscope September 14; reconnect with the world

There are endless opportunities and benefits around that can bring positive things to life, and it is necessary to take advantage of them, so we should not isolate ourselves from the outside. Reconnect with the world and live in harmony with what surrounds you, taking what you need to be happy. The Horoscope today tells you how to achieve it, through the predictions and suggestions of the expert astrologer Rev. Vidente.


According to Horoscope today, is the idea of ​​adding before subtracting. Love must be a shared struggle, and not the split of two wills. When the army cracks in its ranks, defeat is not far off. That is why we must stick together, and more than ever before the risks and problems that loom on the horizon. You have to follow the advice that is going to be offered to you today. You must recognize the authority of the one who provides them, and put yourself into practice immediately, suggests the astrologer Rev. Vidente.

The discipline to be successful also involves giving those who deserve it a space and adopting it as a guide and model. You will see that it is of great benefit, Aries. You have to separate what can be renewed (your enthusiasm, your optimism, your desire to learn …) from what must be discarded. Among them bad habits and negativity. Clean your body as you do your home. It throws out all that remains and does not allow you to be the person you want and should be.


Love is, above all, freedom, and above all the freedom to choose. Insisting that your partner make the decisions that suit you or convince you is not allowing him to choose. You have to let her, in everything that concerns her, can decide freely, without pressure or simulations. Bets should only be made when there is any chance of winning. Trends are not in your favor today when it comes to gambling and risk.

So be still and preserve your money – there will be better times to play and win, but this is not. You have to shake the body to the point where it remembers that it is alive. The first step to recover your energy and your enthusiasm for living is to recover your spaces outside your home, Taurus. Get out, walk, enjoy the sun and the onslaught of the elements. You have to recover that which fills you with joy and well-being.


The Horoscope today notice that you have been told that your relationship is hanging by a thread, and that has worried you. But behind this malicious rating there are many good things, which you do not consider. For starters, it tells you that you and your partner are connected. It can be a steel wire, unbreakable. And just as Ariana helped Theseus out of the labyrinth, that thread can serve the same purpose. You have to recognize your best productive allies, he says Rev. Vidente.

Make a list of people you can turn to for advice and help in case of problems with your work. You encourage those relationships with frequent contacts, Gemini. It is good to know who you have, but it is better to have them around. To attract health, and never lose it, the stars recommend white candles, dried leaves in a bag, silver coins and live plants. Surround yourself with them, and you will always have a mutual against all kinds of evils.

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Love is a science that is learned as you go, for which there are no manuals or established formulas. Every moment a new challenge arises, and improvisation plays a vital role in its resolution. Do not be so hard on yourself: it is necessary to spoil a little to become a good lover. There are eyes that watch you, and they are not entirely benevolent. So you must take care of every step and every action. Don’t panic, as that is the most common way to make mistakes.

Take a deep breath and do what you do day after day: work giving your best effort, without reservation or truce, Cancer. They expect you to give something that, simply put, neither you nor anyone else is in a position to give. Where there is no compassion or empathy, there can be no good terms. You have to stop trying to please people who have no regard for you. It’s a waste, and you only hurt yourself.


The Horoscope today It tells you that those suspicions you have about your partner’s behavior, you can now discard them. It is better that you avoid confrontations and forget about the subject. In due course your partner will tell you what is the reason for this change in their schedules, and the truth is that you will feel sorry to know and remember your great inventions about her. Today you must make a firm resolution to save, because in the future there may be a time of lean cows, in which you will have to resort to what you now save to face the emergency, warns the fortune teller Rev. Vidente.

Make a savings plan that doesn’t threaten your current livelihood or limit you too much, but heed this warning. Be careful with the wind or the heat, Leo. Be careful, in short, with the weather. You tend to venture outside without covering yourself properly, or without covering yourself from the sun. Do not show yourself as someone invincible, which you are not. Better to take small precautions to face great care. Do not you believe it?

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Your lucky number is 1, which is the love number, because from a numerological point of view 1 plus 1 may well be 1, the one that is built when two are added together until they merge. This should be your guide in love. There can be no gap between you and your partner, or any other person. Do not put this decision in the hands of third parties. It is a risk and it is a gamble that can be very profitable.

And that is why you must take them yourself, without letting others intervene, because, at the end of the day, your intuition has already spoken, and you have already chosen, it is just that you do not want to be responsible for that acceptance. Illusions are good up to a point, because like mirages in the desert, they encourage us to continue, to do our best and to resist, Virgo. But unfortunately once we reach them, those dreams show up like that: just illusions. That you were chasing was like that. Does not exist. It got you here, but it’s time to say goodbye.


We must be clear about what we need from love, or we will generate conflicts unnecessarily. Your partner is there for you, but does not know what to do for you, where to move, because you prefer to pretend a tough personality and close in on yourself. There is no weakness in asking for help, much less if it comes from love. That suggestion that you have refused to give (out of shyness or arrogance) is causing you to lose money and duplicate efforts.

It is best to have a frank moment with your superiors, and tell them what you think and what should be done. Otherwise, it might seem like you’re doing it on purpose. It’s a good day to unleash your enthusiasm, Libra. You have to get lost among the people and in the bustle of things. That is the way to reconnect with the world. Just what you need: to feel like the center of your own life again. There is nothing like optimism to stand in the middle of the world, again.


The Horoscope today It tells you that you have to take a step back in that decision they had made. It is wise to change your mind. This is not the time to make that investment or change your lifestyles. The time will come to do so, but it is not now. We must be encouraged not to forget the project, and not make any reproach to each other. Do not trust those who have everything very clear. It is usually about people who have not fully understood the situations, and have not evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of their methods, he warns Rev. Vidente.

It is better to keep the old ways, before moving on to new things that have not been properly tested. This day you should wear red, and surround yourself with that color. It is the range you need to enhance your aura and strengthen your energy fields. Red is fire, it is passion and it is life. It favors blood flow, and keeps your pressure levels at ideal values. It’s just the color you need when you need to work and be firmer, Scorpio.


This feeling of walking in circles is more common than you think, and in itself there is nothing wrong with it. Love requires periods of calm, in which apparently nothing happens and nothing grows. But that stability creates a plateau to launch after new achievements. Your action-loving soul must learn to value these moments. Effort is always the answer. You must put aside the worries that immobilize you and make you lose your footing, Sagittarius.

Only if you do your best, only if you use your creativity, things will move again with the speed you want. Don’t be overwhelmed by problems that you can solve yourself. It is not the symptoms that matter, but the causes. Just attending to those little annoyances will hide those calls for attention that your body makes to you. You should stop taking these remedies and go for a review with your doctor. You will see that it is something simpler than you think.


According to the Horoscope of Mhoni Seer, the passage of time is one of your obsessions. You worry about everything he might do to your partner. That’s because you don’t see things the way the stars see them. Every day, every week, every year that passes, your partner grows and becomes stronger. The years give more strength to your relationship, in the same way that happens with a tree. It is not bad to imitate. Do not be afraid to turn to models who can give you a way not only to get out of this quagmire, but to grow in the way you deserve to do it, Capricorn.

It is a good day to leave behind those practices that have only been a burden, and appropriate what in others has been a true triumph. This is a good day for you to look in the mirror and recognize yourself in all your fullness. You have done what is right and necessary, and you cannot blame yourself for anything. Time is going to pay off. You must not doubt it. But today you can rest a little with the satisfaction that you have done your duty to your body.


You like to go through life with a certain aura of mystery, and you want to be respected in all spheres of your life. Your partner believes that you are hiding something regarding some infidelity, and wants you to be totally open in all aspects. What should you do? Make him understand your need for privacy. You need more precision in your accounting. The generation of wealth is the enemy of ambiguity, and that is why you must have a tighter control over what you spend and what you earn.

Only in this way will you give your money the right value. And it is necessary, because your good effort costs you, Aquarius. You have to take good care of where you step today, as well as your posture and the weight you carry. You must take extreme care of your skeleton and muscles, as there is a certain risk of falls that you must exorcise. Be attentive in what you do and where you ride, and keep that back straight when you sit down.


Life goes on, and part of that love that continues is this love, the one that you now live and that should make you forget, once and for all, a past that is no longer yours and that does not do you or did you good. Close the door behind you and walk this path that is made for two, and nothing more than for two. It is a day in which the triumph is, above all, in the friends. So this is a journey to look for in friends that extra touch, that push and that talent that you need to get out of this little mess in which things do not end up moving the way you want.

Remember that their advice is worth gold, Pisces. It is not a good idea to remain attached to beliefs that exempt you from your own care. Do not let the idea that another person or a power out of this world is going to be for you everything that you do not do yourself. It is a date that you should mark on the calendar as the date you took care of yourself.

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