Mhoni Seer: Today’s Horoscope October 11; salt the shell

Mhoni Seer: Today’s Horoscope October 11; Come out of the shell. | PHOTO: PEXELS

Today is an ideal day to free yourself from everything that stops you, slows you down and prevents you from seeing beyond your comfort zone. It is time for you to come out of the shell and show the world everything you have to offer. Trust in yourself and your talents, and enjoy to all its splendor what life and the stars offer you. Know what they have for you through Today’s horoscope October 11, from Rev. Vidente.


According to today’s Horoscope, October 11, there are many things that are better left unsaid in a couple. Previous loves, the first time, bad experiences, those other people that at this time may interest us in addition to our partner … Avoid talking too much, because you tend to do it too often. It is time to come out of your shell, and show others that you are ready to continue in the battle, assures the astrologer Rev. Vidente.

You took all the previous failures in the worst way, but when you do, you will see that the balance is positive, and that you will be able to get ahead until you take the lead of your competitors. It’s a bad idea to skip those little annoyances. You should not attribute them to age, but to nip them in the bud, as they threaten to become recurrent and more pressing. It is better that you make a short visit to the doctor and apply the best of the remedies: better safe than sorry. You are very on time, Aries.


Time is the great enemy of love, Taurus. There are many ways to beat it. Today that you are worried about, the stars are going to reveal the most effective one: never reveal all your cards. Always keep an ace up your sleeve. Always have a secret, a surprise, an unsuspected destination with which to amaze your partner. Sometimes, like today, taking a step back is a way to move forward.

When rivals or circumstances force us to turn and retreat, not everything is loss, as we can take time to recover from defeat, put order and evaluate our resources before launching again. There is nothing better to ward off the media against any disease or illness than prevention. And there is no better than an armored body from an optimal state, the result of good decisions. Start taking them today. Eat healthy, exercise and give yourself the opportunity to do meditation.

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The Horoscope of Mhoni Seer tells you that you should not wait for your partner to demand attention or unfulfilled promises. You have to be one step ahead of him in that regard. You must anticipate their needs and desires, even if you don’t always hit the mark. Ultimately, she goes out of her way to do the same for you. It is a good day to take stock.

You should make a comparison between what you have invested and what you have earned in this period, so that you can know if you are on the right track or it is better that you correct the course. You will find that you are doing exactly what you should do, Gemini. Don’t abuse coffee and other energy drinks to get that extra energy you need. They can affect your blood pressure and with it your heart. It is better to use natural substances, such as infusions of tea or an apple. They give you the same energy without any side effects.

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It’s a good day to make up for some of your lost time, and dedicate yourself to one another without rushing or distractions. Love needs your time and dedication, because it is like a great palace that is built day after day, to take care of the details and security with that care. Build the way you both know how to do it, Cancer. Make that loan that they request, and do not worry about finding out if they can pay it to you or not.

Do it under the idea of ​​”Today for me, tomorrow for you”, because there will come times when you will have to go to these people, and it is better that they have a better memory of you. Build relationships with convenience. Wait for a better time to change the pace of your training. This is not a good time for you to submit yourself to greater rigor. Your body adapts well, but you must give it more time so that it can pass, without problems, to a new level of demand. Everything must happen in due course.


According to HoroscopeSometimes the only thing left is to exercise authority. Within your relationship, and your partner recognizes it, you are the voice of good sense. Now you see that, slowly but surely, your partner is going to make a clearly wrong decision. He doesn’t realize it, but you have to be firm, and tell him not to. There is more than you can give. You feel tired and dejected, and you think you have lost the touch that is needed to lift this project, but you are wrong, says the fortune teller, Rev. Vidente.

Your best effort is yet to come, and with it the fruits you expect. Everything is in insisting, resisting and prevailing. Don’t give up, Leo. This is the state of things: You cannot continue to leave your metal balance and your physical state to chance. If you take action today, time and apathy will take over, and it will be very difficult to rid yourself of its negative effects. It’s time to open your eyes and get down to business.


You have a style to love that is somewhat cold and detached, and this makes your partner, at times, believe that you are there only out of commitment. You have to go against the current of yourself, and be more open, attentive and loving. That is one of the demands of love that we do not forget to be ourselves to be the person that we love deserves. Don’t put too much effort into this project, as it is not what they sold you at first.

Neither its benefits are so high nor the prestige that it will give you so solid. Anyway, in the name of this alliance, you better push it through to the end, Virgo. You must honor your word. The tension drives you out of your boxes, and you’ve lost your papers. It’s hard for you to retrace your steps and face the people you affected with your bad mood. That is the worst strategy to tackle this problem. Come back, apologize and turn the page. It’s not the end of the world.


We were born to love and to be loved. The couple is our natural state, but also our most expensive goal. For this reason, there are plateau moments, in which nothing seems to move, and in which the calm can even be disturbing. Do not think that you do not deserve this oasis in the middle of a world that does not stop shaking. In the face of money issues, what is urgent is to maintain a good pulse. So that we can control the ship and do not rush and fear wrong decisions, Libra.

This is not the time to choose yet: you have to hold out until the right moment. Rest assured that you will be able to distinguish it. Don’t let negative emotions get over the glass. Do a simple purification ritual to get rid of them: drink water and only water today, accompanying your usual foods. Water is the best spiritual leveler for your sign. It takes away all dark energy and the seed of all evil.


The Horoscope today warns you that love can be a blindfold that prevents us from seeing what is evident. You have not wanted to realize it, but your partner is at risk of ceasing to be the person you fell in love with. It is time for you to push him to be the person you love, and not someone who can be dishonest. This is not the time to wash your hands and ignore these facts. It is not your responsibility, but you are the person who can put an end to this problem, says the expert Rev. Vidente.

You need to step in and help get things back on track so that the good work can continue. It is time to stop abusing those foods that you love. Everything, in excess, is harmful, Scorpio. And there is a wide variety of flavors for you to try, and stop hurting yourself through your diet. Diversity is the key to being better: venture out and you will find a new well-being.


There are good reasons to celebrate your partner and the person you love. They are healthy, have jobs and have resources, in addition to being filled and overflowing with immense love. Today is a day to say “I love you” every time it comes from the heart. Their love is blessed by the strength they both breathe into it. Do not set mediocre goals. It’s up to you to set crazy goals that will take your breath away just thinking about them. This is a good day to do it, Sagittarius.

Otherwise, that adventurous and entrepreneurial soul that has always distinguished you, is in serious risk of perishing, of becoming invisible. You need a change of scenery. Review if your home, office and all the environments in which you usually find yourself respect the energy rules of Feng Shui. They are not difficult to follow: you just have to make sure that life and light flow between the spaces, and that nothing stands in their way or bogs them down.


According to Horoscope todayWhen communication breaks down, the whole relationship cracks and, much faster than you think, it can fall apart. Do not allow the ways in which you and your partner tell each other everything to be damaged by resentment and the intervention of third parties. Dialogue is what makes love stronger. This day they will approach you with a proposal that involves more money than you earn now, but in a context in which you do not like to be, he warns Rev. Vidente.

It’s not a good idea for you to accept an offer that forces you to lose face in your own eyes, Capricorn. You are someone who values ​​doing what you are passionate about rather than working for a better salary. You need more discipline in the most important part of your life: your health. You put aside for too long the duties you have to yourself and your body. It’s time to go back to good habits, to scheduled exercises, to counting the calories and fat you eat.


Each pair creates a language to communicate. There are phrases and gestures that say more than what they say when pronounced within a couple, as they reflect experiences and experiences, tastes and moments. To recover the magic of your relationship you must return to that common language in which love said everything. Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. And that’s especially true with money. The longer you put off the startup of your project, the more money will go directly down the drain.

Put aside this means that immobilizes you and get to work, Aquarius. Concern for those you love is something that distinguishes you from other signs, and something that praises you, but in order for you to do the right thing for them, you need to be fine, 100%. Part of that well-being involves avoiding the stress that causes you to worry about things that are not likely to happen.


Today is a good day to open up completely, to remove from yourself those things that do not let you be at peace with your partner, and close those circles of suffering at once. You must have faith in your partner’s ability to neutralize pain, and help you with the task of being the person you have always wanted to be. You have to raise your head. That setback should be known within your organization and team, but nothing else, Pisces.

This is not a time to show weakness, it is exactly what your competition expects to happen. You must rule yourself as if there is no problem, because in the long run there will not be. The key to always being young is a body with which all obligations and care have been fulfilled. You are obsessed with the passage of time, and therefore you must do everything in your power to prevent it. The best strategy to do it: that nothing enters your body, in the form of food or thought, that hurts it.

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