Mhoni Seer: Today’s Horoscope November 25; let the sun illuminate you

Mhoni Seer: Today’s Horoscope November 25; let the sun shine on you. | PHOTO: UNSPLASH

The Cuban astrologer Mhoni Vidente, through the Horoscope today, tells us that this Thursday November 25 It will be a day of reflection, in which we know in depth where we are going and how we will achieve it. Let the sun illuminate you with its light and fill your whole being with energy. You only need to trust in what you can achieve and get to work, with the help of the energies that the stars give you.


According to Horoscope today, this is a day when you must lower the temperature. You have to clarify the tone and leave behind the harsh words. It is necessary that you and your partner must make peace, because they are dancing around a banal anecdote, easy to solve. Maintaining this passive-aggressive game, on the other hand, can hurt them. Be careful with that person who shows ambivalence towards you. You are not someone of his sympathy, but he recognizes your worth as a professional, assures the astrologer Mhoni Vidente.

What do you have to do? Maintain a cordial relationship with her, but do not trust your plans or your professional secrets, because she will take advantage of them, Aries. Do not approach people who infect you with negativity. You are very influenced by the people you admire, and you lose the critical distance towards them. You must take the positive of each one and discard what hurts you. Go on a diet of influences, and only accept those that truly nourish you.


There are no sides in a couple. Neither yours nor your partner’s. In this relationship there are two people, but only one cause. And that is the survival of love. It is necessary, therefore, that we stop each one going his own way. It is necessary to row in the same direction, otherwise they will not reach the port they should arrive at. Always go to your colleagues. Do not let the responsibilities fall on you alone, because at the end of the day they are all jointly responsible for the maintenance of the organization and the success of the project.

Maintain good communication with all your peers, and that each one shows their commitment, Taurus. Maintaining your body / mind harmony is not easy, and that is why you must do a little every day to maintain it. Remember your three axes every day: diet, meditation and exercise. On these three foundations, nothing can make a dent in your health or the well-being of your body.

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The Horoscope of Mhoni Seer suggests that you do not leave her messages seen, do not leave her calls without returning, do not leave her gifts unopened, no matter how silly they may be. Your partner needs to feel in your life at all times, due to insecurities that he will deal with, but right now, in short, he needs you there more than ever. Do not swear in vain or promise in the air. Good deals and projects are based on nothing more than truth and facts.

For a good idea to consolidate, it must be based on sincerity and transparency, because otherwise it is doomed not to be realized in all its possibilities. Let the light enter your house and your room. Let the sun illuminate you and give you energy and sustenance. It is a day to honor our greatest star, since our main reserve of energy depends on it. The Sun is always synonymous with enthusiasm and life: let it illuminate your body and your being, Gemini.

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When life insists on lying down on the canvas, like today, remember everything you have. And your greatest fortune, of all your gifts, is the love that you live, offer and receive. On behalf of your partner, everything is tolerable. That is your inspiration and your driving force, no matter the size of the challenge or obstacle you face. It is time to turn to investors, to people who know that this business, and who share your view on what the future holds in your field.

It is important that you start working on getting them and that they are (at least) five, because it is a number that has always benefited you in what you have to do with money. This is a day that, due to its tendencies, calls you to take care of your blood, and in particular what has to do with its pressure. You do not lose anything if you check your blood pressure values, and you will perform a check that will benefit you. When the Moon is at the highest point in your Heaven, your blood tends to intensify its flow, Cancer.


The Horoscope today It suggests that you do not raise your voice, do not gesture, do not make excessive gestures … You only have reason when you are right. Bullying is not okay in any context, much less within your partner. It is better to dialogue and reach agreements. Winning an argument by cheating is not a real or fair solution. This is a good day to recover that money that you gave lost. So go to your debtors, and ask again that they honor what is pending, SU.

You will discover, in more than one case, and that, despite everything, you can trust people. Something that will allow you to reconsider helping more people in this way in the future. Today you must reconnect your body cycles with natural cycles. A bond that is beneficial to you, because you join the trends of the world, instead of going against them. So open your windows and practice in the light of the stars and in the night wind. You will feel rejuvenated, stronger, Leo.


You have asked a question (or several) of your partner, and they do not give you an answer. You should consider that perhaps he does not know. Or is it an unanswered question. You must let go and stop tormenting her with your demands. Love can tolerate gaps, but it does suffer from constant tension. Gambling sometimes makes us win, and sometimes it makes us lose. However, sometimes we can see all the signs that tell us if a bet is safe or not.

And that is the case today: it is clear that things are going badly. Observe what the trends are telling you, and leave the table. What you ask of others (that guidance, that discipline, that enthusiasm) is something that you and only you can give yourself, Virgo. So look within yourself for the strength you need to undertake this change, for the discipline to maintain it, and for the wisdom to appreciate it.


You must give in, Libra. You and your partner have been involved in a controversy for some time that seems to have no end. You must give it to them, because it only wears them out as a couple, being that it is something that does not really matter. It is discussed more for establishing a certain power within the couple. Today they are going to ask you for a collaboration. You are excited for whoever asks you for it, but you should moderate that enthusiasm. And it is that they do not offer you a fair agreement.

Do not let them take advantage of you, and before doing that job ask for what you really deserve. You are no longer in a position to provide “free samples”. Today is the time for you to discover how much a makeover can do for you. Follow your intuition, and modify your style. The mantra that should guide you is that your exterior reflects your interior, that the colors and textures of your clothing are a portrait of what happens inside you.


According to Horoscope today, gifts are an essential part of love, since everything present is a sacrifice: we give up something to give it to those who love us. The old pagan sacrifice made love act. And your partner has not received gifts for some time … It is time to recover that need and to satisfy it. From coin to coin it is effectively wasted, says the fortune teller Mhoni Vidente.

The stars suggest that you consciously stop those small expenses that you do not give yourself cost, and that month after month bleed your budget. Keep a more disciplined personal accounting, and you will see that what you can do with your money increases. If the mirror does not give you an image that pleases you, perhaps you should try to reflect on other surfaces: in the waters of a lake, in the puddles left by the rain, in the shop windows … The problem is not your reflection, but the context that surrounds you, Scorpio. If you feel unhappy with your image, change the scene.


There is a lot to fix. As for each, as for the relationship. It’s only fair to take a break today, before the hard work ahead. You have to hope for the best of each other, and to seal the necessary pact you have to do it festively. A dinner, a glass of wine, an intimate space. And to wait for the dawn. Punctuality must be your creed from this day on. No more procrastination, no more excuses. Your bosses or partners are people who are very valuable for their time, and not what to waste. Not for you or for anyone.

So leave 10 minutes early, sync your watch, and keep track of your schedule. It’s very important. You have to look into the future, Sagittarius. Remember that one way to make things happen, the way you want them to happen, is to attract them through visualization. So, every day imagine yourself in the place you want to live: they are health, with strength, success and above all in harmony and balance with everything.


According to Horoscope todayWhen an agreement is reached, that agreement must be respected. And you’ve been overlooking the promises you and your partner made to each other during your last troubled period. We must keep our word, and do what we have to do to advance a better understanding. Do not question the word of your collaborators. You tend to marry your ideas too strongly, and do not allow any discussion on any topic, he assures Mhoni Vidente.

You have to be more open, as it is the only way you can see yourself benefited by the ideas of others. In this case, they are right. You have to be consistent with your health care, because tell your affections that you are doing certain things that, in reality, you are not fulfilling. You can fool others, but you cannot fool your body. It is time for your actions to support what you say, because at the end of the day it is your health that is at stake Capricorn.


You have to know how to wait for your partner to be ready to overcome that trance. We do not all process things in the same way, nor do we have the same ability to overcome certain situations. You have to give him the time and space he needs to live his processes, without pressure of any kind. The key to all achievement is consistency. Talent, courage and excellence add up, but if you do not insist when everything seems against you and keep going despite the obstacles, that desired success will continue to be elusive, and it is very likely that that longed-for goal will never be achieved. .

You have to keep a tighter control of your sleep hours, Aquarius. You are not getting enough rest and that makes you underperform. You have to let your body recover with enough sleep. It is necessary that you disconnect from work and your chores, and that your body recharge its energy.


Beauty is not lost over time: just move your accents to new spaces. You should not fear for the passage of time on your person and on the person you love. Both are going to mutate, to change their skin, but also, as the years go by, they are going to find new reasons to love each other’s body. This is going to be a day in which you must lose yourself in what you do, give yourself 100% to that passion that moves you for your work and for its results.

And it is that on this day you will be observed by eyes that, if convinced, will give you a great opportunity for growth. To do your best, Pisces. Today you must reflect on the true possibilities of your character. It is not a sign of weakness to recognize, after a self-examination, that we do not have the wood for certain activities or to deal with certain people. If it’s time to leave the board because of it, go ahead. Better your mental health.

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