Mexico welcomes reopening of border with United States

(Mexico City) Mexico welcomed the reopening of its border with the United States on Wednesday, and wanted to reassure its powerful neighbor and first economic partner: the energy reform underway in Mexico City does not threaten their free trade agreement .

Washington announced the reopening “in early November” of its land borders with Canada and Mexico for travelers vaccinated against COVID-19.

The United States had closed its borders from March 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Only the passage of goods, workers or students was authorized between Mexico and the United States.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador greeted “good news” during his daily conference: “We will return to normalcy on our northern border”.

The reopening of the border will “accelerate economic growth in the northern border region of Mexico,” added Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

The eleventh largest exporter of goods in the world, Mexico is the second largest supplier and second largest customer of the United States. The two countries are linked by a regional free trade treaty also signed by Canada.

Mexican President Andres Lopez Manuel Obrador wanted to reassure the United States by asserting that his major energy market reform project did not “contravene” the free trade agreement.

“On the contrary: it is for Mexico to have even more comparative advantages, to attract more investments”, he declared.

The constitutional reform of the energy market must strengthen the role of the State enterprise Federal Commission (CFE), especially in terms of production, insisted the president.

The CFE must ultimately have 54% of the market, 46% going to the private sector.

The executive accuses previous governments of having liberalized the energy market, to the benefit of foreign companies like the Spanish Iberdrola.

The reform is due to be discussed in Parliament in the coming months.

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