Mexico-US border reopening will “revive” trade in Arizona

ARIZONA.— La Mexico-United States border reopening scheduled for November, represents for the state of Arizona, a economic spill of thousands of millions from Dollars and a flow of about 70 thousand people a day.

According to the organization Visit Tucson, each year around 20 million Mexicans enter the USA, whose spill economical it oscillates in the 2,500 million dollars.

The vast majority make crossings that last less than a day, that is, they do not spend the night in Arizona and among the main reasons are usually shopping, going for a walk or visiting family.

Border crossings collapsed

In 2019, before pandemic from Covid, the United States Bureau of Transportation documented by the ports of crossing frontier from SonoraArizona a entry average of 64 thousand 483 people daily.

In 2020 the crosses They collapsed; after the restrictions imposed as of March 21, the daily documented average fell to almost half with 36,741 crosses land through the ports of SonoraArizona.

And for 2021 the statistics showed a slight improvement with an average of 41 thousand 788 crosses borderlines newspapers.

The vast majority of crosses borderlines They last less than a day and the main reasons are to go shopping and visit family.

Billions of dollars lost

According to the Department of Tourism of Arizona, in 2019 there were 6 million Travellers internationals who spent more than one night in the state of Arizona, mostly Mexican and Canadian.

The spending generated was 1,400 million Dollars, mainly by the mexicans.

Of those 6 millions visitors, 4 million were from Mexico, who spent more than one night in the state of Arizona.

By 2020, with the pandemic of Covid-19, the volume of documented visitors who spent at least one night in Arizona It was 1 million Mexicans and 257 thousand Canadians.

The spill economical fell from $ 1.4 billion to $ 364 million.

Border cities in trouble

On borders like Nogales, Arizona, The buyer Mexican, mainly the resident of Nogales, Sonora, represents between 75% and 90% of customers in local businesses.

For months commercial areas such as the street Morley meet with very little influx of buyers and with several of its businesses closed.

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