Methods to detoxify your mind that a smart woman should do

Daily life requires us to give our one hundred percent, although sometimes the mind is very treacherous and needs a break, that is why this time I will tell you how you can detoxify your mind using very effective methods, it’s time to start a seven-day challenge, and then include them in your routine.

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Write something you have saved

Throughout the day they will emerge emotions that you may not be able to say or express at the moment, writing is a method that helps to remove all that you have saved, it can be from saying something to someone or simply writing how it went during your activities, you will see how healthy this is.

Go out to walk

Maybe you are going to tell me that because of your work you walk a lot, always excuses, going for a walk means giving yourself ten minutes only to develop this activity, remember that you must be in total concentration, it is a time to enjoy yourself and your surroundings.

Color a mandala

Coloring is a great activity that helps you get into your thoughts, especially when it comes to a mandala, since it not only benefits concentration, but also brings out that creativity that you possess. It is a way of expressing your emotions through the colors you choose.

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Make a list of people who value you

You will say, what is this for? Well, for a lot, since it is a way unconscious to feel loved and valued for who you are, which goes from your strengths and weaknesses. When you make the list of these people, put what you consider that they value about you, you will see how beneficial it is.

Write down three phrases you like and read them throughout the day

Positive phrases motivate us, so I recommend that you write in a notebook those that you like or that mean something good to you. Doing this will also get you into reading, although you can take them from songs, movies, internet pages, etc.

Network cleaning

Make a cleaning Social media means eliminating all those people with whom you no longer have a relationship or the pages that do not provide quality content, these are important to remove, you will see that this method will save you a lot of negative energy that may appear there.

Take a day without social media

Let’s remember the recent fall that had WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, some people went crazy without social media. The problem is that in some cases it is an obsession, that is why spending a day without social networks will give you a lot of peace of mind.

Methods to detoxify your mind that a smart woman should do. Photo: pexels

These are some methods that I hope are to your liking, they are very simple ways with which you can detoxify your mind, you don’t need much to start practicing them, just decision, so if you want to enjoy its benefits, do not wait to add them to your routine.

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