Metallica: There is a Lars Ulrich-shaped toilet

Anyone who claims to have seen everything can be taught better today: Lars Ulrich’s likeness is now available as a functional toilet bowl. The location shows an anatomically correct full-body representation of the Metallica drummer from the 1980s – two drumsticks in his hands, eyes full of joyful anticipation of the small and large business.

Lars Ulrich-Toilette and Prince Midnight

The designer caused a sensation with a soap bubble around the skeleton guitar

The man behind the gruesome creation goes by the name of Prince Midnight. He made headlines earlier this year when he pretended to have built a guitar from his dead uncle’s skeleton. He said the bones were donated to a local college in Greece where they were used for educational purposes. When they were no longer needed by the facility, he decided to build a working guitar out of the bones – after all, a proper funeral is associated with significant costs. Later reports, however, suggested that it was probably an old wives tale.

Alleged “Dead Uncle’s Skeleton Guitar” by Prince Midnight

Toilet will be part of an exhibition in the capital of death metal

Back to the House: This will make its public debut on December 3rd at an art installation and music show by Prince Midnight at The Brass Mug in Tampa, Florida – the city considered by many to be the capital of death metal. And because every genre needs its narrative, Midnight will of course also play the “guitar of his dead uncle”.

Facebook „Prince Midnight“

Facebook „Prince Midnight“

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