Messi, dunks with Newell’s and the national team after shining in the playoffs

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Leo’s displays of affection for Newell’s are incessant and he never misses an opportunity to show what he feels for the park club, of which he is a fan and in which he grew up despite the fact that he did not make his first debut as he went to Europe very young. And in this sense, Argentina also appears at the top of its scale of values. Such is Messi’s fanaticism for the national team that even the occasions (outside the context of a training or match) in which he is seen with the albiceleste clothes draw attention.

Leo’s arrival in the City of Light after the game was almost immediate. This saturday, also, disaffected from the game in which PSG will face Clermont for Ligue 1 will have time to celebrate the 6th birthday of Mateo Messi, the most “character” of his three children, the only one who has his own memes or fan accounts inspired by his antics.

Antonela Rocuzzo, Leo’s wife, posted a tender message to Mateo on Instagram: “Feliz Cumple Matu. You’re crazy beautifulooo, the only one who manages to get me out of my boxes! We love you so much baby. May you be happy today and always !! 6 years old, “wrote Rosario.

Mateo is the middle son of Leo and Antonela, behind Thiago and before Ciro. “Thiago is a phenomenon, he is the best, Mateo is a son of a bitch …”, Leo once said with a laugh during an interview, talking about the occurrences of his son, which they also say, is a lot like when he he was small.

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