Mercury retrograde during Venus retrograde and it’s not the end of the world

Mercury retrogrades from January 14 to February 5 and in astrology, it’s time to press the “pause” button. Especially since Venus has not yet finished its own celestial moonwalk. Translation: we relax and take care of ourselves. Even more than usual.

A retrograde in two signs: two meanings

Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius until January 27, then in Capricorn before becoming direct again on February 5. Mercury being the planet of communication, we take a little time to politely decline the extra dinner or re-read this hotly written email.

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In Aquarius, a very connected sign, we can see it as an opportunity to wean off social networks or finally fix this damn printer. With the Capricorn square, we take the opportunity to try to put the forms in our requests or slow down at work. After all, January is complicated for everyone.

Mercury and Venus to absent subscribers

As in astrology, it’s all about interpretation: there’s good in this combo of retrogrades that come just in time after the end-of-year celebrations. The latter are often rich in snacks and social interactions.

Take this celestial movement for permission to retreat into the hood of your sweatshirt like a hermit crab. And if despite everything, insulting the stars at regular intervals for your transport problems relieves you: it’s a lesser evil.

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