Mendoza registered the first death from the Delta variant

The man had been hospitalized since August 28.

The 42-year-old man, who had been hospitalized since August 28, became the first victim with the Delta variant of coronavirus in the province of Mendoza, reported health authorities.

This is a Brazilian truck driver who had been hospitalized for three weeks at the Perrupato hospital. The man died this Tuesday in the Mendoza town of San Martín after your health condition will be complicated after being infected with the aforementioned strain of the virus.

The truck driver was in transit in Mendoza. He entered to go to Chile. It started with symptoms, they swabbed it using the “PCR in House” technique, that sample was sent to the Malbrán Institute and confirmed last Friday as a Delta variant.

As confirmed by the Minister of Health, Social Development and Sports of Mendoza, Ana María Nadal, there is another case of the Delta variant in the province, “a person who came from Spain”.


Mendoza continues with the drop in positive cases and registers a 45.23% occupancy of ICU beds in the entire province, and 52.55% in Greater Mendoza, according to the report from September 3 to 9 from the provincial Ministry of Health, Social Development and Sports.

For the vaccination campaign, the province reported that it received 2,269,342 vaccines, of which applied 1,201,106 of the first dose, and 795,596 of the second dose, making a total of 1,996,702 vaccines applied, according to data provided by the Public Vaccination Monitor.

According to the part of last night by the provincial Health portfolio, there were 52 new positive cases and since the beginning of the pandemic there are already 164,253 positive cases confirmed and 4,505 deaths.

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