Méndez’s license was approved and legislators presented a request for intervention

The municipality of Salvador Mazza is at the center of the scene after justice carried out numerous raids in the house of mayor Rubén Méndez and even in the Municipality itself for an investigation of illicit enrichment, now the Deliberative Council approved his request for a 30-day license, but provincial legislators request the intervention of the municipality.

In the middle of the scandal and after the hijacking of vehicles imported, US $ 854,178 (eight hundred fifty-four thousand one hundred seventy-eight US dollars); EUR 9,070 (nine thousand and seventy euros) and $ 34,342,350 (thirty-four million, three hundred and forty-two thousand three hundred and fifty Argentine pesos), Cell phones and a weapon with ammunition, the mayor assured that he can justify everything kidnapped despite the fact that as an official he receives a salary of 50,000 pesos.

Those who also took action on the matter were the deputies Santiago Godoy and Jesús Ramón Villa who presented a loss of intervention of the municipality that is expected to be treated with preference in the next session of the Chamber of Deputies.

In that same sense, it was also expressed Ricardo Villada, Minister of Government, who after the raids said in dialogue with Channel 9 Multivisión: “Given the events that have occurred, the Government interprets that the credibility of the mayor has been damaged and therefore understands that he should not continue in his functions.”

He explained that they were going to wait for the decision of the Salvador Mazza Deliberative Council before Méndez’s request for leave, and that they would then make a decision. So far Marisa Valdiviezo will assume command of the municipality after the unanimous vote of the councilors.

“It is a regrettable situation in terms of the institutional reality and the credibility of the people., in a city with so many needs, seeing these images hurts a lot ”, he concluded.


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