Melissa Paredes revealed that several celebrities asked her out after her divorce with ‘Gato’ Cuba | Women in charge | VIDEO | Shows

Melissa Paredes reappeared this week on national television as one of the hosts of Women in Command. Her good chemistry with her classmates and the acceptance of the viewing public seemed to give the model a new opportunity on the small screen. However, with great surprise this Friday he said goodbye to the morning space of Latina with a heartfelt message.

However, the former Miss Peru did not miss this last program to continue telling some details of her life in recent months. One of his most surprising revelations this Friday was that, after his divorce with Rodrigo Cuba, began to receive various invitations from famous personalities of the national show business.


Melissa Paredes reveals that several celebrities asked her out

The former member of America today avoided giving names of the personalities who wrote to her, but assured that there were more than one. Of course, Melissa Paredes pointed out that she rejected each of these proposals since she was in a relationship and very much in love with Anthony Aranda.

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“You know, when they think you’re single, everyone starts writing to you, colleagues, friends. I will not say (names). When one is single, they invite you to go out, a coffee, a little lunch, a little meal. And my boyfriend next door … ”, he indicated in Women in command.

The farewell message from Melissa Paredes from Women in command

Everything indicated that Melissa Paredes had found her place in Women in command. However, to everyone’s surprise, this Friday he announced his dismissal from the program. The model thanked her fellow Latinas for the opportunity to return to work after several months.

“Thanks to the program, to Latina and to all of Peru for having received me, for having received me in their homes, for having given me one more opportunity. Above all, I want to thank Peru for having received me this week in their homes again, for receiving so much love, believe me, I read every message they send me, I read them internally, “he said.

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