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Didn’t know what face to make? Melissa Paredes He reappeared this Thursday, January 13, in one more edition of Women in command to accompany Thais Casalino and Giovanna Valcárcel in hosting the program. Another guest at the magazine was ‘Checho’ Ibarra who was giving his opinion on the football situation in the entertainment world.

At one point in the program, they addressed the subject of Rodrigo Cuba and his performance in League 1. The commentator did not hesitate to fill him with praise; meanwhile, on the screen they showed the actress and images of her ex-husband in soccer training.

The former reality girl had a curious reaction when she heard the sports journalist talk about ‘Gato’ Cuba. As it was evident, he smiled and looked from side to side with a gesture of discomfort.


Melissa Paredes reappeared on camera. Photo: Capture / America

Samuel Suárez on Melissa Paredes’ reaction

instarandula showed these images that were captured by a user. “Melissa’s face (laughs), she is the morning show, they are getting the juice out of it,” was Samuel Surárez’s comment.

“In my time, the programs took care of their talents not to expose them to uncomfortable situations (laughs), but since it is Melissa, they do not care”added.


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Will Melissa Paredes stay in Women in command?

Thais Casalino spoke about the future of Melissa Paredes in Women in command. In statements to a local media, the journalist did not rule out seeing her permanently in the morning space, however, for now she is as a guest.

“Melissa is super cool and attentive, she likes to dance like we do and she’s not afraid to express her opinions. (…) This week that ends, tomorrow (Friday 14), as a driving guest, we had a great time. We have done very well in the rating ”, said the communicator.

“The producers are the ones who will evaluate their permanence”, added to El Popular.

Thais Casalino testified about the possible permanence of Melissa Paredes in Women in command. Photo: Composition / Instagram / Melissa Paredes

Melissa Paredes reveals that her followers ask her for content with Anthony Aranda

On the last day as a guest host on Mujeres al command, Melissa Paredes commented on new details about her relationship with dancer Anthony Aranda. One of them was that her fans support her unconditionally and that they would like to see more photos and videos of them on their social networks.

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Melissa Paredes revealed that she has recorded several tiktoks with her partner, but that she has not uploaded them for different reasons. The most recent being one where they both dance bachata passionately.

Melissa Paredes assures that several celebrities invited her out

He was telling the time. The host Melissa Paredes surprised more than one by saying that after her divorce with soccer player Rodrigo Cuba came out, several public figures invited her to go out; however, he did not allow anything because he was in a relationship with Anthony Aranda.

In that sense, the actress pointed out: “You know, when they think you are single, everyone starts writing to you, colleagues, friends. I will not say (names). When one is single, they invite you to go out, a coffee, a little lunch, a little meal. And my boyfriend next door…”.


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