Melicoin: is the Mercado Libre cryptocurrency coming?

The boom of cryptocurrencies is getting bigger and the tech giant Free market you don’t want to be left out of business. Since December, users in Brazil can buy bitcoin, ether and other cryptos from the Mercado Pago wallet.

Now, due to a user’s discovery in the website code, it is estimated that the company of Marcos Galperin I would be developing a cryptocurrency own.

From iProUP they indicated that they communicated with the Latin American unicorn and confirmed that Free market would indeed be working on creating his own cryptocurrency, although its launch would be, in principle, only for Brazil.

The project is still in its infancy: the starting price is unknown, the utility that this will have token, if it will be a token with a limit or without an emission limit, etc. What is quite certain is that, due to all the problems that existed between the company and the local government, Argentina will clearly not be a priority in this project.

“Mercado Pago confirms its interest in entering the cryptocurrency environment in Brazil together with a world-class custodian”, indicated the company. “Supported by the experience of simple and secure use of our platform, from Mercado Pago we want to accompany our users to join the crypto paradigm, increasingly relevant in the financial world”added.

At the moment, it is unknown if it will be a stablecoin, cryptocurrency which is backed and features low volatility, or if it will be a volatile token to trade and make a profit, rather than used as a medium of exchange.


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