Meilin Hoshino drops 16 positions in South American amateur golf

Beatriz Junqueira (facebook/itanhangagolf/archive)

The Brazilian Meilin Hoshino dropped 16 places in the South American Championship of amateur golf that is being disputed in Quito, Ecuador. She ended Thursday (13) with 13 shots over par and went on to occupy the 26th position. adding 17 up. It was even overtaken by Beatriz Junqueira, who climbed two and is in 23rd with 16th above. It was seven over in the second round. In the men’s, Homero de Toledo regained ground, but he, Renato da Silva and Vitor dos Santos remain in the last positions.

In addition to Meilin Hoshino and Beatriz Junqueira, Brazil also had Marina Nonaka competing in the women’s championship at the South American Amateur Golf Championship, but she did not go to the field this Thursday. Colombian Maria Bohorquez took first place, the only one with the pair on the field. Mexican Maria José Martinez, who led the first day, dropped to second with one above, alongside Peruvian Daniela Ballesteros. The tournament has four rounds.


Homer recovers positions

In the men’s, Homero de Toledo recovered positions. He ended the second round in 44th place, with 82 strokes. He is 13 shots above par on the field, three of which are counted this Thursday. Compatriot Renato da Silva appears tied with him and, right behind, in 48th among the 53 competitors, is Victor dos Santos with 14 above. The day before, Homero had spent most of his time ahead of Renato da Silva and Victor dos Santos, but ended up in 51st position, behind Renato, who was 50th until then, and Victor, 41st.

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