Meet HalfDive BMD, bed-coupled virtual reality system

Japanese company Diver-X to launch Kickstarter campaign for project in November

Realities are no longer new. Several big companies, like Sony, have their own VR device. In November, the Japanese company Diver-X will launch a Kickstarter campaign to develop a differentiated project: the HalfDive BMD (Bed Mounted Display) is a bed-mounted virtual reality system, designed to be used lying down.

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The headset includes 3D audio, with four speakers positioned around the head, plus feedback systems to increase user immersion. According to information provided by Diver-X, HalfDive has a vibration feedback system to faithfully recreate monster steps, gunshots and ambient sounds; force feedback that gives the user the feeling of holding a sword, or delivering a blow; two fans attached around the head that can be used for user comfort, or for immersion during gameplay.

The VR system also has two controls for the hands and also for the feet, to walk with the characters in the virtual world. By bending your ankles to a certain extent, you will be able to move your character. HalfDive BMD will have two displays with 1600×1440 pixels at 90Hz per eye, with a 134º field of view. The system also includes USB 3.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 connection (support 4K at 60HZ).

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The project comes to Kickstarter with three versions: a base model for US$800, the full model for US$1,200 and a version with varifocal lenses for US$4,000. The option with varifocal lenses (which allow the change of focus) is designed for users affected by visual changes such as presbyopia.

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Diver-X’s official website still doesn’t have videos of the headset to let us know in more detail how the device will be coupled to the bed. Despite being interesting, several doubts are still in the air. Will it be possible to turn sideways with the device connected? What will be the comfort level for the neck? With the official launch of the project in November, new information about the product should be released, perhaps even a video of the device in action.


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Via: Techpowerup, HalfDive

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