Mea Culpa: Woman who killed her son with tramadol says her "intention was to kill me with them"

In this Thursday’s chapter of MEA culpa (TVN), called The Dirty Soul, the woman convicted after murdering her son by injecting him with tramadol gave her version. “My intention was to kill myself with them,” he said.

Is about Lorena Espinosa (40), who in December 2013 was sentenced to 27 years in prison for the crimes of patricide and frustrated patricide.

Specifically, the criminal killed a 6-month-old son and was about to take the life of a second 4-year-old, to whom she administered the chemical to make them sick and, from the hospital, continue to poison them with the same drug secretly from the specialists.

In conversation with Carlos Pinto, host of the program that recreates crimes, Espinosa accused that his crimes have their origin in the “mistreatment, abuse” of his partner. Although later, in the face of Pinto’s doubts, he maintained that “something crossed my mind, that I wanted to do it.”

My intention was to kill myself with them, and when he did not die, there they already took me into custody because they learned that while in the hospital I had the same symptoms (…) there they began to say that the mother was the culprit and that she was giving tramadol to her children ”, added the woman, confined in the Rancagua jail.

Life in jail

Lorena, who claimed to live in isolation, warned that in seclusion she misses her children. “Being able to see them is what I miss the most, being able to see and feel them”he said, adding that “you learn from mistakes. For me it was a serious mistake and regret for having done what I did with the two children, because I am really paying. Many times I have thought that they gave me little time ”.

In jail, he asserted, “there is nothing to do. Look at nothing every day. And every day the memories, ”he said, stating that it is only maintained thanks to willpower.

He also said that he was offered to leave isolation, but his “crime is very badly regarded in the prison population.” “They hit you, they burn you, they steal your things”, she related, in situations that she warned that she had not lived due to being away from the other inmates.

“I have no contact with anyone, I am alone,” she acknowledged, adding that “here are only the girls who help me downstairs, in the yard, and no one else.”

Capture | TVN

My Fault: “Duel”

The woman said that not being able to see your children “hurts a lot”. “Having missed birthdays, when they passed the grade, Mother’s Day, Easter, New Years, when they left the eighth grade, that hurts. I have lost a large part of their lives ”, he lamented.

Lorena also maintained that she was “very sorry for having done what I did, for having taken my son’s life” and later insisted that everything happened because “I had the psychological pressure from my husband, from the partner I had at that time” .

The criminal, who can go out in 2039 from prison, he indicated that he dreams of seeing his children again, that they are a happy family. “I dream that I did nothing, that I continued to be a good mother. But that is no longer the case, “he acknowledged.

Almost at the close, meanwhile, he sent them a message directly to the camera: “I adore you with all my heart and I regret everything I did. That someday they forgive me, because like this you can’t continue living. Maybe many times when we spoke on the phone we would get angry, but then we would continue talking. But I ask you with all my heart to forgive me for everything I did ”.

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