Mea Culpa: TVN remembered the actors and actresses who appeared in their recreations

Every Thursday a new chapter of MEA culpa, who returned with everything to the small screen, after his late night reruns captivated viewers, who clamored for his return.

In 1993 the first chapter of the police program that leads Carlos Pinto and in their re-enactments they appeared different actors and actresses who later became known in other productions and instances. Even some stand-up comedians and exponents passed through this space.

For promotional purposes and waiting for a new chapter, TVN published on its Instagram 10 images of those who once participated in MEA culpa, especially in the 90s, which had an impact on social media users due to physical changes over time.

These are the actors and actresses who appeared in MEA culpa

Sandra Solimano, Belén Mora and Adriana Vacarezza – “El Veneno”

The story takes place in Concepción and revolves around a single, mature woman who ends up pregnant with her partner. She thought about having an abortion, but he stopped her, so she finally gave birth. However, the “what will they say” prevents you from developing an attachment to the child.

The father ends up raising him alongside his niece, who eventually becomes the woman’s target. However, he made a mistake trying to kill her, which will pay dearly.

The actress Sandra Solimano is the protagonist of this episode, while Adriana Vacarezza she plays her partner’s niece. As an extra it appears Belén “Belenaza” Mora, who played a nurse.

You can see the full chapter at this link.

Sandra Solimano. TVN video capture

Adriana Vacarezza. TVN screen capture

Belén Mora. Screenshot TVN

Julio Milostich – “The beginning of the end”

This 1994 chapter addresses the issue of AIDS and tells the story of a couple of friends who begin to swindle the Isapres, with the aim of obtaining money and financing their respective treatments and those of others.

One of the main roles is of a young man Julio Milostich, who plays a father who separates from his wife and begins to live alone, until he meets a friend.

You can see the full chapter at this link.

Julio Milostich. Screenshot TVN.

Iñigo Urrutia – “The Limit”

Pertaining to the second season of MEA culpa, this episode recounts the life of Patricio, an upper-class young man who distanced himself from his eight siblings. He stopped attending university, became addicted to pasta and is seduced by an older woman, for whom he travels from Santiago to Arica.

A young man Iñigo Urrutia he puts himself in the shoes of this young man, as privileged as an alcoholic and drug addict. In fact, the story draws attention for addressing a case of a wealthy family, compared to others that focus on crimes developed in the context of the middle or lower class.

You can see the full chapter at this link.

Iñigo Urrutia. Screenshot TVN

María José Bello and Pedro Villagra – “El Nono y la Pola”

Set in Linderos, as if it were a “Romeo and Juliet”, this episode of MEA culpa focused on the story of a couple who knew each other since they were children. Pola’s mother prohibited her from joining Nono, since his family was considered dirty and they also sold chicha clandestinely.

They grew up and as adults they were able to consummate their love. But the difficult economic situation of both, family circumstances and the constant violence of the Nono led to a femicide, when this term did not yet exist in the current legislation.

A young woman stands out Maria Jose Bello, who gave life to Pola. The deceased had a special participation Pedro Villagra, Polo’s alcoholic father in the story.

You can see the full chapter at this link.

María José Bello. TVN video capture.

Pedro Villagra. TVN video capture.

Rodrigo González and Luz Jiménez – “El Sicópata de Pozo Almonte”

In 2003, the macabre case of the “Pozo Almonte psychopath” came to light, in which Miguel Oyaneder raped and murdered his eight-year-old niece Ivania Barraza.

The actor Rodrigo gonzalezYears before he became known in the world of stand up comedy, he was the one who played this murderer. The outstanding actress Light jimenez incarnated his mother.

You can see the full chapter at this link.

Rodrigo González. Screenshot TVN.

Luz Jiménez. Screenshot TVN.

Carolina Arredondo, Carmen Disa Gutiérrez and Maité Fernández – “Those children”

This double episode of the police program dealt with the case of a teenage girl who was repeatedly raped by her mother’s partner. The first child she had as a result of this sexual assault was born and raised.

However, after he manipulated her to have a “consensual” relationship, the young woman became pregnant on different occasions. The seven babies she conceived as a result of this rape were murdered as soon as they were born. The man threw four of them into a septic tank. After an investigation that included a visiting minister, both were sentenced to five years and were released.

This chilling tale features Carolina Arredondo in the role of the young woman, Carmen Disa Gutierrez played his mother and the deceased today Maité Fernández, to her grandmother.

You can see the full chapter at this link.

Maité Fernández. Captura de pantalla TVN.

Carolina Arredondo. Screenshot TVN.

Carmen Disa Gutiérrez. Screenshot TVN.

Chiqui Aguayo – “The Guard”

Many years before he rose to fame as a comedian, Daniela “Chiqui” Aguayo interpreted in MEA culpa a 17-year-old adolescent with a motor and intellectual disability, Marfan syndrome. This young woman begins to be wanted by a man who works as a guard in her condominium, who is married and a father of a family.

The case leads to a brutal sexual assault, in which the man takes her home, pretending to have sex, but in reality he abused and raped this young woman. But his crimes did not stop there, and this chapter was marked by rawness.

It should be noted that this episode also participated Pedro Villagra, as the father of the teenager.

You can see the full chapter at this link.

Daniela “Chiqui” Aguayo. Screenshot TVN.

Emilio Edwards and Nathalia Aragonese – “She was 10 months old”

In season 13 of MEA culpaBoth actors played a student couple who had a girl. When she was 10 months old, her mother found her on the ground, while her father was resuscitating her. She arrived at the hospital dead and it was found that the cause of her death was child abuse.

Years later it was established that both had responsibility in his death, although a crude truth was also revealed in the middle of the investigation.

You can see the full chapter at this link.

Emilio Edwards and Nathalia Aragonese. Screenshot TVN.

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