MD Chief talks about ATG Tape project: ‘It’s an extension of our lifestyle and the reality of what happens to us’

MD Chief spoke about details of the songs present in his debut project

Hitting the music scene right on the first record isn’t for everyone, but MD Chief arrived breaking everything with his debut project, “Atg Tape”, with hits like “Tiffany” and “Rei Lacoste”, which are already in the mouths of the people. The work has eight songs and, in a chat on Track to Track, a Deezer Originals project, the trapper tells everything about each of the compositions on the record.

To start the conversation, the artist explains that the work as a whole is nothing more than an extension of his lifestyle and the way people living in less favored regions see issues such as fashion and everyday life. In sequence, MD Chief talks about the song that opens the album, “Artigo de Grife”: “it explains our goals, which are very simple, like having a home and the comfort we want to give to our families”, he says.

Then comes one of the singer’s main hits, which has already been mentioned, “Rei Lacoste”. About this song, the trapper passes the ball to DomLaike, also credited with the composition, which sums it up well: “you want to empower yourself, just put the ‘crocodile’ on your chest and it’s gone, everyone is chic and comfortable at that beat, listening comfortably at Deezer”.

The conversation continues with the songs “A Verdade é Essa” and “Montblanc” until reaching one of the greatest hits on the album, “Tiffany”. In this track, MD Chief he says that he tries to convey the way he sees women in general, “it’s for them, because they deserve a lot and they deserve more. It’s basically telling my perspective on them, how I try to observe points that please them and I hope I’m pleasing them”, he explains.

Then come the tracks “Fragrância”, “Tendências” and, to top it off, “HB20 2”, which is a bonus track from the album and the second part of a composition that bears the same name. Again, MD Chief he leaves the explanation to the co-author of the work, this time, the rapper Rare G: “it is a very important track that conveys the real experience and lifestyle of the favela, something that for me is very important”, he concludes.

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