Mayors assure that they will not be able to pay the bonus announced by the government and ask for help

This week it became known that an extraordinary bonus of $20,000 will be paid to all public sector employees. For this, different mayors held a meeting and decided to make a note to the Governor and the Minister of Economy to help them pay.

The president of the Forum of Mayors, Daniel Moreno, was interviewed by Get informed. During the dialogue he commented, “the truth is that it was a spectacular call, because we have never had so many calls. There is a major concern we know that we will not be able to pay it”.

“We made a note addressed to the governor and another to the Minister of Economy to see how they are going to be able to help us. We know that this with the law of the nation they threw the ball to the governor”, continued the official.

Something to remember is the help received by many municipalities in Salta to be able to deal with the bonus of their employees, “we who have a help that was to pay the Christmas bonus, they gave us aid to 38 municipalities, which deducts us from the co-participation in six installments”.


This shows a complicated financial situation in various municipalities of the Province of Salta, in the meeting they held today they participated “53 municipalities, 60% in person and 40% in zoom”.

During the meeting, “we came to the conclusion that we need money, I would almost say 80% of the municipalities,” said Moreno, very worried.

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