Mayor of Torreón regrets road tragedies and warns that operations will continue

The mayor of Torreón, Jorge Zermeño, described as “very sad” the attitude of some drivers in the city who insist on traveling at high speeds, using the cell phone and in an inconvenient condition, which has led to more fatal accidents in recent years. weeks.

He referred to the most recent road tragedy that occurred on Tuesday morning, when a man lost his life while driving his truck at speeding down Boulevard Juan Pablo II and overturned and then hit a pedestrian bridge.

One more time, the president called on citizens to have “responsibility” if they drive a vehicle, with which mishaps can be generated that could harm third parties, especially those who do not go in motorized units or who circulate in a pedestrian way.

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“Well, very sad, very sad and the truth is a subject that we have to continue to maintain, the call to drive with caution, not to be distracted by cell phones, not to drive in an inconvenient condition, there is no other way … You (press) report every day of the accidents that there are, because every day there will be, every day there are crashes, go to Colón and you will see that a quantity arrives during the day of accidents, that’s daily ”.

He noted that despite the fact that these mishaps occur not only in Torreón, but throughout Mexico, The local authority will seek to maintain operations and road surveillance in the main crossroads and roads of the municipality, actions that would be more effective if you had the support of the drivers, complying with the determinations not to exceed the speed limits, to stay attentive to the road all the time, in addition to respecting the Mobility Regulations that are in place in every way. locally.

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He mentioned, for example, the “Carrusel” and “Radar” operations, which have been launched on the peripheral and the roads to San Pedro and Matamoros, in which drivers who are detected driving at speeds above the speeds have been punished. 60 kilometers per hour, even those who travel above 100 kilometers per hour and who could have starred in some tragedy.

“I regret the same as you (citizens), that is, believe me, what do we do? Well, more ‘Carousels’, I have made a call to all corporations, not only to the Highway Administration, but to the Municipal Police, the State Police, the Special Command, to all those in the order that there is, make ‘Carousels’, if a Public Security patrol goes in the peripheral, hey, slowly, even if the others get upset, we have complaints from the citizens who go and throw the car at them so that drive faster … Let people understand that we have to drive with greater caution ”.

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