Mayor of Tonalá highlights administrative order in third report

During the morning of this Friday, the Third Government Report of the mayor of Tonalá, Juan Antonio González, was rendered, in which he highlighted the administrative order since he pointed out that it allowed him to do more with less.

In addition, the municipal president pointed out that an administration is about to conclude that will leave strong foundations and the route of where the following governments should walk to avoid delays.

“For the first time, Tonalá has an administration that not only fulfilled all financial obligations, but also paid more than 466 million pesos for public debt and achieved a 28% reduction in bank debt, and even so it was invested 4 times more of own resources for works and actions for the benefit of the people ”, he said.

He also highlighted the program rebuilding the “Social Fabric” with which 111 housing units intervened in Loma Dorada, where for 20 years presumably nothing had been done.


It delivered 185,296 school packages in the three years of its mandate with the “Relistos” program, it recovered 8 public spaces in neighborhoods such as La Comolca, Alamedas de Zalatitán, Lomas de San Miguel, Prados Coyula, Loma Bonita and Tolotlán.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Government of Jalisco, Enrique Ibarra Pedroza highlighted the work carried out by the municipal president, Juan Antonio González, and referred to the construction of the new civil hospital as a legacy that will be left by the Government of Tonalá and the Government of Jalisco.

“The accounts that are rendered to us today in Tonalá are truly encouraging, and we are very pleased, Governor Alfaro gave us this splendid task of coming to testify, as Tonalá continues in an exercise of building a better community and a better coexistence ”he pointed out.

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