Mayor Javkin visited the El Sol exhibition in the Capital

Javkin came to The capital about 15 east Friday to take a closer look at the display of the newspaper El Sol, Founded by Eudoro Carrasco on February 1, 1877 and directed up December 1878 by his son Gabriel Carrasco.


The mayor talks with the CEO of the Capital Sergio Ceroi (center), behind him, Vito Sgaglione from the Board of Directors / La Capital Diary / Leo Vincenti.

It is a day of hubbub for him La Capital newspaper, since the visit of Mayor is he first act, of institutional characteristics and enormous symbolic importance, after the tragedy that occurred as a result of pandemic of Covid-19, and as a consequence, the temporary closure of the Museum and the interdiction of access to the diary to people outside their work.


Javkin shares details of the El Sol exhibition with the Editorial Secretary of La Capital, Damián Schwarzstein (right) / Diary La Capital / Leo Vincenti.

The mayor read the historical tome of Sun, did jokes about its content, about the relationship between Eudoro Carrasco and Ovidio Lagos, first partners, then adversaries and finally friends, and legacy from both to the town. Javkin, of good demeanor and humor he set out for a photo session, which included shots with part of the newspaper staff.


The mayor’s visit was cause for excitement for the members of the Capital, as in the case of the Customer Service team / Diary La Capital / Leo Vincenti.

After respecting all protocols sanitation and distancing, inside the La Capital newspaper, the visitors were able to observe a small sample specially mounted with the first volume of El Sol, of the first semester of 1877, smaller in size than the one exhibited in the newspaper’s stained glass windows, from the same period but 1878.


A small sample was mounted especially for the mayor with the first volume of El Sol from February 1877 / Diary La Capital / Leo Vincenti.

After a short walk through the La Capital Newspaper Museum, the mayor thanked the invitation, urged continue with the initiative and left a message of “new Times” post-pandemic. Later Javkin met with the aforementioned executives who were joined by the Operations Manager of Editorial Diario La Capital, Pablo Abdala.


Javkin poses next to the rotary printer that is housed in the Museum of the Historical Building of the Capital / Diary La Capital / Leo Vincenti.

In this way, The capital resume the activities of the Museum and Historical Archive. And although for now it is not possible to enter the building on Sarmiento street, it is through its stained glass windows than rosarinas and rosarinos may browse historical objects exposed.

Thanks to impulse for the visit of Intendant Javkin, the exhibition of the newspaper El Sol in the stained glass windows of the Capital it will be extended until the Friday, September 17 next.

Other visits

The shows from Sun It also interested experts in the field such as historian Miguel Ángel De Marco (son), and the director of the Nicolás Charles City Museum.

From Marco He is a Doctor in History, a researcher at Conicet, a professor at the Universidad Católica Argentina de Rosario, his works refer to the history of the province of Santa Fe and Rosario, was part of the journalistic establishment of La Capital between 1996 and 1999, and collaborates permanently with the newspaper.


De Marco valued the sample of a “Rosario newspaper, made by Rosario” in the emblematic newspaper of the city / La Capital newspaper / Sebastián Suárez Meccia.

The historian he is the author of the book “Dr. Gabriel Carrasco” (1996, UNR Editora) in which the life and work of one of Eudoro’s children is narrated. De Marco made reference to the data that appear there about his work, with only 24 years, as director of El Sol Come in February 1877 and December 1878. In addition to other positions such as minister and deputy, Gabriel Carrasco placeholder image it was Intendant of Rosario between august of 1890 and November 1891. He died early at 57 years.

From Marco offered a spontaneous lecture in history by commenting on the importance from the park graphic workshops of the city, including that of Eudoro Carrasco, in which I not only know they printed newspapers and newspapers, but also books, brochures, official stationery and even bills of widespread circulation.

For his part, director of the Museum of the City, Nicolas Charles, welcomed the initiative of The capital, he worried about the preservation of the historical material protected by the newspaper and pondered the use of Dean’s windows for exhibit historical objects, among many other stained glass windows in the center.


The director of the City Museum, Nicolás Charles, praised the initiative of exhibiting history in the stained glass windows of Rosario / La Capital newspaper / Sebastián Suárez Meccia.

The official made a analogy with the initiative of the Museum to open the blinds of the former store La Favorita the previous month and said to be “enthusiastic” with that there is “more stained glass windows showing the history of the city”.

In that sense, he advanced that the wish of the Museum of the City is to be able to find “the other Favorites of the Rosario neighborhoods” and make in its windows samples of objects on “the life and customs of its people, and tell the history of the city”, in the manner of The capital.

The opening

The exhibition opening was held on the morning of Thursday, September 2 with a modest ceremony in which the piece sheathed in an Argentine flag was discovered. The gesture was at the expense of the manager Operations of the Editorial Diario La Capital, Pablo Abdala, and of the Head of the Editorial Archive, Marcela Yuvone.


The Operations Manager of the Editorial Diario La Capital, Pablo Abdala, and the head of the Editorial Archive, Marcela Yuvone, at the opening ceremony of the exhibition / La Capital Newspaper / Silvina Salinas.

The preparation of the display took several days of work considering the sanitary restrictions, the building possibilities and the special cares what they deserve objects of delicate manipulation like the bindings of these old newspapers.


With the impulse of the visit of the mayor, the exhibition will continue until Friday, September 17 / La Capital Newspaper / Silvina Salinas.

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