Mayor called “unpresentable” and “mamarracho” a group of teachers

The communal chief of Margarita Belén, Javier Martínez, was the protagonist of a new outburst. This time, against teachers who demonstrated in an act.

The controversial mayor called “unpresentable” and accused the teachers in struggle of the town, who were protesting with posters on Tuesday night, of doing “a fool”, at the inauguration ceremony of new pavement blocks on Marcos Bassi street.

“I speak to those 5 or 6 teachers who are behind doing a stupid thing. They are unpresentable. Believe me they do not represent teaching. They want to come and tarnish a town party, ”Javier Martínez exclaimed in confusion., when speaking.

The audio and the publications on social networks went viral in the last hours. “The teaching struggle continues today, tomorrow and forever. The chalks are not stained and the voices are not silent ”, indicated the teachers after the rudeness of the official.


Since he took office, Javier Martínez was the protagonist of controversial decisions and expressions. Last year he systematically broke all health protocols, maintaining that “each municipality establishes its restrictions.” He was never shown wearing a chinstrap or respecting social distancing.

During the hardest isolation, in Margarita Belén there were large authorized parties: the celebration of Municipal Employee Day, the Christmas party in the town’s central square, massive horse races, among other “anti-quarantine” activities.


Recently, he made headlines for displacing a municipal employee who exposed a municipality error on Facebook in an official publication for Independence Day. The WhatsApp message of the mayor Javier Martínez himself was public, who told him: “Either you get that, or I want your resignation as head of Revenue on Monday.”

Last month, the mayor of Margarita Belén was once again controversial when an audio was known in which he insulted and threatened the vice president of the local San Martin club. “Shit croto. Trucho Vice President. San Martín is going to pay dearly for your leadership, asshole ”, were the expressions of the mayor.

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