Máximo Kirchner and Axel Kicillof, the intern who generates tension in Kirchnerism

The defeat in the PASO was a month ago, but its effects are still latent in the upper echelons of the Kirchnerism. Sudden changes, the search for international advisers and drastic measures to improve the lives of Argentines were some of the effects that the meager electoral performance had on the government’s strategy.

But perhaps the most worrying thing was the obvious separation between figures and sectors of the Kirchnerism they had always seemed united. Maximum Kirchner y Axel Kicillof they are the ones who now generate the most tension. They have been space companions for many years, but the differences they have in the political establishment increasingly confront them. After the PASO, the cabinet movements in the Province of Buenos Aires made it very clear.

The arrival of Insaurralde to the head of the Cabinet of Kicillof It was a hard blow for the governor, who lost Carlos Bianco, one of the leaders he considers closest to. This castling was due to the claim – increasingly audible – of the Buenos Aires mayors. The leaders felt that they had no representation within the provincial government, and with the former communal chief of Lomas de Zamora, tempers calmed down.

Another group that welcomed the appointment of Insaurralde was La Cámpora. KicillofFor his part, he was not convinced, but a talk in El Calafate with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner put an end to the matter.

The tensions are not only due to changes in the Cabinet. Sergio Berni, Minister of Security of Buenos Aires, does not hide his differences with Maximum Kirchner. As it transpired, they already argued strongly, and Berni is one of the officials that Insaurralde intends to remove from the Cabinet of Kicillof.

For now, the Kirchnerism this week will have an unbeatable opportunity to show unity. Sunday is October 17, Loyalty Day, and it is expected that there will be a great event with the main leaders. There is, however, the possibility that there will be two calls, which could add to the rumors of internal divisions.


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