Mauricio Ochmann’s girlfriend with health problems?

MEXICO CITY.– Mauricio Ochmann is one of the most handsome actors in the middle of the show, after making public his break with Aislinn Derbez was in return in different controversies.

Currently he has been seen very much in love next to his now girlfriend, Paulina Burrola who little by little has been sharing part of her relationship on her social networks where he dedicates emotional messages to the artist.

A few hours ago the Sonoran model shared in her stories, that I had some back problemsThe pain was so great that it prevented him from moving, so Mauricio was quite concerned.

That is why the young woman decided to do the necessary studies to rule out anything and Fortunately, he made it clear that it was just something muscular and nothing serious.

To the point where I couldn’t move, sit down, stand up, whatever it was, it hurt a lot, Mau got scared and we went to do some X-rays ”revealed the ‘influencer’.

In addition, Paulina Burrola added that the doctor also told her that her spine was slightly inclined, better called “scoliosis”, nothing serious but something you should pay attention to.

The model published another series of videos where you can see some of the therapies that you will have to carry out to keep your back and neck stronger, and that it is not interrupted for exercise time.

Mauricio Ochmann surprises Paulina Burrola on her birthday

A couple of months ago, the Sonoran model celebrated another year of life and it was Mauricio Ochmann who decided to contrive to prepare a surprise for her on her day.

Paulina Burrola through her social networks published a video in which she revealed that the artist She did everything possible to bring all of her friends together for an emotional dinner in an elegant restaurant.

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