Martín Ojeda changed the dedication of his goal at Tomba

“The truth is that this game was won by the team, we knew how to play as a team, which is the most important thing, we knew how to take advantage of the spaces in the second half and each time we are adapting more to the idea of ​​the coach,” said the Tombino player during the transmission of the game played in Mar del Plata.

“The same thing happened to us as the game with Gimnasia La Plata, since they were very well structured in the first half and in the second half we were able to take advantage of the spaces very well, which thank God is the best we have and we were able to do all four goals “, he closed.

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What’s coming for the Tomba

On the next day, Godoy Cruz will receive Sarmiento de Junín, next Saturday, September 18, from 13:30 at the Feliciano Gambarte stadium.

Photos: courtesy of Prensa Godoy Cruz.

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