Marquinhos: When the referee whistles there are no stars


The Brazilian central and PSG captain, Marquinhos, He avoided ruling on whether Paris Saint-Germain is the “team to beat” in the Champions League and assured that, in any case, once the game begins there are no stars on the field, only 22 footballers seeking victory.

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“We go out onto the field with the spirit as if this game were the last. Once the game starts there are no more stars, you have to sacrifice yourself, you don’t win a game with your name. Football is not played before the referee whistles” , said Marquinhos on the eve of Wednesday’s match against Bruges in the Champions League

The Brazilian recognized that PSG is “one of the best teams” but he avoided assuming the continental favorite poster.

“I let the people speak, I am not going to say that PSG is the best team in the world or the team to beat, I let the journalists and the fans say that,” he said.

Marquinhos added that PSG always has “pressure” to win, although it took on the expectations raised by a team with a forward signed by Messi, Neymar and Mbappé.

“It is true that with the group that we have, people will talk even more and they will want to see our games more, but it is good to have players like this, much better for us, there is no more pressure, it is only positive,” he said. .

Regarding the Argentine star, who will debut in Europe with PSG tomorrow, he said that he has not had a specific talk with him from captain to newcomer, although they speak “every day, football, strategy and tactics.”

“A captain must also appear on the field, not only with the word, so I like to show my leadership. Then if it is necessary to speak one day I would do it, but it is not the time,” he concluded.

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