Mark Hoppus recalls Blink-182’s forgotten cameo in ‘American Pie’

In 1999, one of the most iconic films of 90s pop culture closed a decade of excesses, and opened one of the new millennium: ‘American Pie’.

Its relevance was such that even Blink-182, the most important pop-punk band of the time that at that time enjoyed a popularity comparable to that of Britney Spears (but in its own genre, of course), and recently through comingsoon, we learned that Mark Hoppus, bassist and cancer survivor, has remembered that scene.

During a streaming on Twitch, Hoppus was questioned about his feelings for ‘American Pie‘. While many of the young people who watched the broadcast did not understand what they were talking about, the reality is that those old school fans really enjoyed knowing how the band sneaked into the movie:

“They actually invited us for the last day of recording; even after all the actors and production staff celebrated the wrap-up and so on in the studio.

We went and it was just us, the director and the monkey. It was all. By that point they had everything ironed so we basically spent no more than 15 minutes on set. ”

In fact, there weren’t even extra actors; alone Paul Weitz, the last hours and a monkey. Check the scene here:

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